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      Bodies of water


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      • Rigid-PVC, transparent, colourless
        8 Variants
        Rigid-PVC, transparent, colourless
        from 0,80 €
      • Polystyrene mirror, coloured, smooth
        6 Variants
        Polystyrene mirror, coloured, smooth
        from 5,90 €
        Front side: mirrored with protective film
      • Graphic and cover board, coloured
        42 Variants
        Graphic and cover board, coloured
        from 1,70 €
        solid colour, matte, smooth/smooth
      • Aluminium sheets (custom cutting available)
        14 Variants
        Aluminium sheets (custom cutting available)
        from 2,80 €
        medium hard, smooth, one side with protective film
      • Coloured drawing paper
        77 Variants
        Coloured drawing paper
        from 1,90 €
        Material: colored paper from waste paper (pre-consumer), Surface: matt, Properties: acid-free, ph-neutral, light-resistant, Grammage: 110 g/m²
      • Poster board, coloured
        13 Variants
        Poster board, coloured
        from 2,10 €
        coloured, matte finished, reverse side light beige
      • Aluminium strips
        5 Variants
        Aluminium strips
        from 149,00 €
        Al 99.5; smooth
      • Aluminium pre-cut strips
        2 Variants
        Aluminium pre-cut strips
        from 2,50 €
        Al 99.5; hard, smooth
      • Rigid-PVC, transparent, anti-reflective
        5 Variants
        Rigid-PVC, transparent, anti-reflective
        from 1,00 €
        colourless, glossy/non reflection
      • Canson Mi-Teintes vellum drawing paper
        80 Variants
        Canson Mi-Teintes vellum drawing paper
        from 0,70 €
        solid colour, high rag content (55%), naturally sized, coarse grained (honeycomb)/fine grained, acid-free with alkaline reserve (except black)
      • Elephant hide, coloured
        7 Variants
        Elephant hide, coloured
        from 0,40 €
        mottled, solid colour, smooth, very tough, scratch and abrasion resistant, cleanable
      • Aluminium course texture sheets
        2 Variants
        Aluminium course texture sheets
        from 2,50 €
        Al 99.5; soft, through-stamped
      • Up to-60%
        Cromático,- Ca. transparent paper, coloured
        14 Variants
        Cromático,- Ca. transparent paper, coloured
        from 0,40 €
        translucent, solid colour, wood free, from 100% cellulose, smooth, conditionally suitable for ink-jet and laser printer (b/w)
      • Glassine paper, coloured
        16 Variants
        Glassine paper, coloured
        from 0,15 €
        kite paper, translucent, solid colour, wood free, acid-free, pH neurtal, from 100% cellulose, glossy (high satin)
      • Lead pre-cut strips
        2 Variants
        Lead pre-cut strips
        from 5,80 €
        soft, smooth
      • Handicrafts booklet of transparent paper(glassine)
        Handicrafts booklet of transparent paper(glassine)
        from 2,50 €
        glassine paper (kite paper), translucent, solid coloured, wood-free, made from 100% cellulose, glossy (heavily satined), 10 sorted colours, stapled on the short side
      • Heki water effect film, through-stamped, transpar.
        Heki water effect film, through-stamped, transpar.
        from 12,20 €
        rigid PVC, colourless, glossy, th = 0.2 mm, for scales from 1:100 up to 1:10, with blue sheet of paper as underlay
      • Lead strips
        Lead strips
        from 412,00 €
        soft, smooth
      • Imitation particle board, coloured
        3 Variants
        Imitation particle board, coloured
        from 0,70 €
        solid colour, cloudy, from 100% pulp, smooth/smooth (highly satined)
      • Polystyrene metallic, coloured, smooth
        4 Variants
        Polystyrene metallic, coloured, smooth
        from 7,90 €
        satin-gloss, impact resistant, reverse side is black, suitable for wet rooms, front side with protective film
      • Aluminium hard metal foil
        Aluminium hard metal foil
        from 29,40 €
        medium hard, smooth, both sides coated with silver colours
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