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      • Round tube, brass
        13 Variants
        Round tube, brass
        from 2,20 €
        given dimensions: outer diameter x wall thickness
      • Acrylic glass hemisphere, transparent, hollow
        9 Variants
        Acrylic glass hemisphere, transparent, hollow
        from 27,00 €
        material: acrylic XT glass, Brim: circumferentially machined 15-20 mm, Strength: given thickness = initial thickness
      • Modulor presentation board, matte, deep black
        4 Variants
        Modulor presentation board, matte, deep black
        from 2,50 €
        Cardboard core: fully dyed, 4-ply core
      • Beech round rod
        13 Variants
        Beech round rod
        from 0,50 €
        Material: beechwood
      • Acrylic glass GS blocks, transparent, colourless (custom cutting available)
        9 Variants
        Acrylic glass GS blocks, transparent, colourless (custom cutting available)
        from 6,50 €
        glossy/glossy, both sides with protective film
      • Graphic and cover board, coloured
        42 Variants
        Graphic and cover board, coloured
        from 1,70 €
        solid colour, matte, smooth/smooth
      • PVC hemisphere, transparent, hollow
        5 Variants
        PVC hemisphere, transparent, hollow
        from 3,90 €
        Brim: yes, Dimensions: given dimensions = outer diameter
      • Finnboard (wood pulp), beige
        25 Variants
        Finnboard (wood pulp), beige
        from 12,50 €
        material: pure ground wood pulp
      • Coloured drawing paper
        88 Variants
        Coloured drawing paper
        from 1,90 €
        Material: colored paper from waste paper (pre-consumer), Surface: matt, Properties: acid-free, ph-neutral, light-resistant, Grammage: 110 g/m²
      • Spring steel wire, straightened
        9 Variants
        Spring steel wire, straightened
        from 0,35 €
        shape: round rod
      • Mould making plasticine
        2 Variants
        Mould making plasticine
        from 6,50 €
        Scope: for working in conjunction with interlinking silicone additives (non-inhibiting)
      • Honeycomb board, cardboard clad, white
        6 Variants
        Honeycomb board, cardboard clad, white
        from 8,90 €
        Color: white/white, Cover: kraftliner (430 g/m²), Tolerances: ± 3.0 mm (length and width at 1,185 x 2,390) or ± 0.3 mm (thickness)
      • Rigid-PVC lightbox film, translucent
        4 Variants
        Rigid-PVC lightbox film, translucent
        from 0,80 €
        milky white, matte/matte, calendered, largely free from flow marks, light transmission: 55 %
      • Styrofoam, light blue, untrimmed
        3 Variants
        Styrofoam, light blue, untrimmed
        from 5,10 €
        Plate core: medium pore insulating block made out of extruded polystyrene foam, Surface: smooth, semi-gloss surface, Characteristics: compression resistant, certified per EN 13501-1, conforms to DIN 4102: construction material class B1 (flame resistant)
      • Grey paperboard, smooth/rough
        6 Variants
        Grey paperboard, smooth/rough
        from 10,00 €
        material: not glued, from 100% recycled paper
      • Copper wire mesh, flexible
        3 Variants
        Copper wire mesh, flexible
        from 4,90 €
        material: copper wire, Fabric: square mesh netting
      • Beech plywood F1
        16 Variants
        Beech plywood F1
        from 4,50 €
        Thickness tolerance: ± 0.5 mm, Useable size: guaranteed minimum dimension
      • Black cardboard
        2 Variants
        Black cardboard
        from 4,60 €
        Colour: dyed
      • Precision acrylic glass transparent, coloured
        22 Variants
        Precision acrylic glass transparent, coloured
        from 6,90 €
        Surface: glossy/glossy, with protective film on both sides, Properties: cast, trimmed on all sides, Thickness tolerance: ± 0.1 mm, Deformation temperature: 130°C - 170°C
      • Kapa graph black
        3 Variants
        Kapa graph black
        from 5,00 €
        Sheet core: dark gray PUR rigid foam core, Protective Film: matt, black colored cellulose cardboard (pH-neutral)
      • Natural sea moss
        2 Variants
        Natural sea moss
        from 19,90 €
        Other designation: "sea foam"
      • Standard plasticine, coloured
        11 Variants
        Standard plasticine, coloured
        from 3,50 €
        product: handicraft plasticine
      • Beechwood rings, untreated
        5 Variants
        Beechwood rings, untreated
        from 0,50 €
        sanded, unpainted, given dimensions = outer ø x material ø
      • Aluminium, square holed (custom cutting available)
        5 Variants
        Aluminium, square holed (custom cutting available)
        from 6,50 €
        Alloy: AlMg 3, Specification: SqS = Square-holed, square pitch, Hole length/separation: Example: SqS 5,0/8,0 is a square-holed sheet with a hole length of 5,0 mm and a separation of 8,0 mm. The space between the ho ...
      • Brown cardboard
        Brown cardboard
        from 1,90 €
        grey cardboard, both sides covered in brown, not glued, rough/rough
      • Fine corrugated board, double-sided
        Fine corrugated board, double-sided
        from 2,70 €
        Flute type: B-flute
      • Polystyrene rigid foam, silver-grey, untrimmed
        3 Variants
        Polystyrene rigid foam, silver-grey, untrimmed
        from 8,50 €
        Plate core: fire pore model building board from extruded polystyrene foam, Surface: glossy (untrimmed), Characteristics: extremely pressure-resistant (high density), certified per EN 13501-1: Euroclass E, conforms to DIN 4102-1: building material c ...
      • Polycarbonate transparent, colourless
        14 Variants
        Polycarbonate transparent, colourless
        from 2,40 €
        glossy/glossy, both sides with prorective film
      • Microwood paper--backed veneer, double-sided
        8 Variants
        Microwood paper--backed veneer, double-sided
        from 3,30 €
        material: real wood veneer with paper backing, Bonding: glued to one another with an additional later of paper in between, Veneer thickness: approx. 0.1 mm, total thickness depending on the type of wood is 0.4 - 0.55 mm
      • Expanded metal, aluminium, fine
        8 Variants
        Expanded metal, aluminium, fine
        from 3,50 €
        Al 99.5; degreased
      • Copper sheets (custom cutting available)
        8 Variants
        Copper sheets (custom cutting available)
        from 4,00 €
        Characteristic: medium hard, Surface: smooth, one side with protective film (starting at thicknesses of 0.5 mm)
      • Linden rectangular moulding
        29 Variants
        Linden rectangular moulding
        from 0,70 €
      • Wire mesh, steel, flexible
        11 Variants
        Wire mesh, steel, flexible
        from 2,60 €
        square mesh grating, galvanised steel wire
      • Microwood paper--backed veneer, single-sided
        4 Variants
        Microwood paper--backed veneer, single-sided
        from 16,90 €
        material: real wood veneer with paper backing (white paper on the maple, brown on the cedar, cherry and walnut), Veneer thickness: approx. 0.1 mm, Grain direction: parallel to the first given dimension
      • SikaBlock PUR M600 modeling board
        5 Variants
        SikaBlock PUR M600 modeling board
        from 12,90 €
        Material: microcellular, polyurethane-based model making material, Colour: light brown, Shore hardness: Shore 58 D (= 100 Shore A), very hard (ISO 868), Density: 600 kg/m³ (ISO 845)
      • Polypropylene translucent, fogwhite, matte
        3 Variants
        Polypropylene translucent, fogwhite, matte
        from 0,95 €
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