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PLEXIGLAS® XT sheet, satined, colourless (custom cutting available)

3.00 x 120 x 250 (0D010 DF)
(93,33 €/m²)incl. VAT / excl. shipping
2,80 €
(93,33 €/)
incl. VAT / excl. shipping
Width × Length:
Location in Store
Article No.0114067
Materialgenuine brand acrylic glass PLEXIGLASu00ae XT
Surfaceboth sides with matte finished surface

Satined acrylic is a material for working with light. The material from which it is moulded consists of many small diffuser beads upon which light is consistently deflected and dispersed. In this way there is an optimal dispersion of the light. With its exquisitely fine but slightly rough surface this acrylic glass cannot be seen through but it still allows a lot more light to pass through it than the white translucent ACRYLIC SHEET. It also reflects a lot less light, which means that when used in lamp construction the greater part of the lamp’s light finds its way out into the surroundings. This high rate of transmission together with the limited reflection means that lamps will tend to get a lot less hot.

If you are planning on making lamps, a few pointers should be kept in mind: it is not only the gap between the various bulbs and the diffuser that is important for the control of the temperature. Ventilation is much more important. Much in the way that the reflector of a classic office lamp usually has a couple of holes in it, your lamp should be so constructed that the increasing heat generated by the bulb can flow upwards and out. In this way, as if all on its own, a cooling air flow is produced.

The satined acrylic panels can of course be used for other purposes where viewing is to be blocked. In this role they are an alternative to textured acrylic glass, PLEXIGLAS SATINICE, or the translucent PLEXIGLAS, WHITE assortment. It is also available in a tube form as in the ACRYLIC ROUND TUBE, SATINED.

Custom cutting available. Choose your desired size! For more information about our custom cutting service, please visit Modulor Services.

AACFPLEXIGLAS® XT sheet, satined, colourless (custom cutting available) & Tools/Plates/Hard Synthetic Sheets/Acrylic Sheets/PLEXIGLAS® Sheets