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Acrylic glass GS, transparent, fluorescent colours (custom cutting available)

3,0 x 120 x 245 mm, blue
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Article No.3003186
glossy/glossy, both sides with protective film, coloured faces, luminous edges

Acrylic glass is an excellent light conductor, which makes it a material with many possible uses for making luminous objects and lighting elements. You should be aware that acrylic glass takes in light on its surface and conducts it outwards to its edges. The lighted area cannot be covered. Any millings (grooves) in the flat area will also radiate light when the glass is lighted. Please note that when choosing light bulbs or other illuminants, as well as the type of lamp construction, the maximum operational temperature of acrylic glass is 70 to 80 degrees centigrade. 

Custom cutting available. Choose your desired size! For more information about our custom cutting service, please visit Modulor Services.

JZRCPAcrylic glass GS, transparent, fluorescent colours (custom cutting available)https://www.modulor.de/en/acrylic-glass-gs-transparent-fluorescent-colours-custom-cutting-available.htmlhttps://cdn.modulor.de/products/jzrcp_3003186/1_480_480_r_acrylglas_gs_transparent_farbig_fluoreszierend_3_0_x_120_x_245_mm_blau.jpgInStock2.9EURMaterials & Tools/Plates/Hard Synthetic Sheets/Acrylic Sheets/Acrylic glass GS, transparent, fluorescent colours (custom cutting available)