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      Classificazione: Rilevanza
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      • Coloranti per resine sintetiche
        7 Varianti
        Coloranti per resine sintetiche
        da 5,30 €
        Product description: highly pigmented, intense pigment pastes that can be mixed together, Use: for colouring polyurethane, polyester and epoxy resins, Storing: shelf-life when properly stored: 12 months
      • Agente distaccante idrosolubile per stampi,b.visc.
        Agente distaccante idrosolubile per stampi,b.visc.
        da 4,90 €
        dyed to a reddish colour, polyvinyl alcohol-based; resistant to numerous solvents, styrol and benzene; ready-to-use, apply with cloth or brush, flash-off time: 15-20 minutes
      • Mould release wax, emulsion
        Mould release wax, emulsion
        da 4,90 €
        flash-off time: 15 - 20 minutes, uses: 50 - 100 g per sq. metre, volume: 60 ml, color: colourless when dried
      • Nuovo
        Mould release agent spray with Teflon
        Mould release agent spray with Teflon
        da 8,90 €
        Contents: solvent-containing, rapidly evaporating release agent, Color: colorless, transparent, Consumption: 40-50 g/m³, Density: 0.60 g/m³
      • Nuovo
        Mould release agent, pasty
        Mould release agent, pasty
        da 4,90 €
        Contents: Polar wax-based emulsion wax release agent, Color: milky-white, Properties: polishable
      • Silicone Spray Weicon
        Silicone Spray Weicon
        da 7,00 €
        Contents: 400 ml, Colour: transparent
      • Nuovo
        Silicont mould release agent cream
        Silicont mould release agent cream
        da 4,90 €
        Contents: Cream based on a technical petroleum jelly, Color: colorless, translucent, Melting point: 55°C, Density: 0.85 g/m³
      • Formenbau pouring box frame, adjustable, set
        2 Varianti
        Formenbau pouring box frame, adjustable, set
        da 19,90 €
        Material: Aluminium, Aluminium folded sheet: 4 pieces, each 100 mm x 200 mm x 50 mm, Aluminium base plate: 1 piece at 200 mm x 200 mm
      • Lacca per impregnatura, incolore
        3 Varianti
        Lacca per impregnatura, incolore
        da 8,40 €
        nitrocellulose lacquer, transparent, colourless
      • Vaselina da estrazione Gedeo
        Vaselina da estrazione Gedeo
        da 3,80 €
        Viscosity: low viscosity, Contents: 75 ml, Colour: transparent
      • Cera distaccante 818, pastosa
        Cera distaccante 818, pastosa
        da 26,90 €
        wax dispersion paste, silicone-free, halogen-free, colourless when dry, ready-to-use for application with a rag or a brush, air evaporation time is 5 - 10 minutes, polishes up well, consumes approx. 50 - 100 g per...
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