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  • Spray de tiza Colormark Ecomarker
    5 Variants
    Spray de tiza Colormark Ecomarker
    from 7,90 €
    eco-friendly, chalk-based special effect spray in an aerosol can, non-permanent (washes away with water), patented one-hand safety cap with Easy-Touch release, dust-dry after 10 minutes, hazard warning: F+ (= highly...
  • Molotow Urban Fine-Art, Chalk (Sprühkreide)
    10 Variants
    Molotow Urban Fine-Art, Chalk (Sprühkreide)
    from 12,90 €
    coloured chalk spray for markings, etc., not permanent, not smudge-proof (can be wiped away with water), UV resistant, hazard warning: Xi = irritant, F+ = highly flammable
  • Spray de marcaje Colormark Allroundmarker Fluo
    3 Variants
    Spray de marcaje Colormark Allroundmarker Fluo
    from 8,50 €
    solvent-based special effect spray in aerosol can, tilting valve for accurate wall and floor markings, locking spray button (trigger), dust-dry after 10 minutes, dry to touch after 30 minutes, completely cured after...
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