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  • Tinta para linograbado Schmincke
    36 Variants
    Tinta para linograbado Schmincke
    from 5,30 €
    ready-to-use water-based printer´s ink, organic or inorganic pigments in natural binding agent (gum arabic), pasty consistency, glaze coating (transparent) or opaque coverage depending on the pigment, colours are...
  • Tinta para linograbado Marabu Aqua
    10 Variants
    Tinta para linograbado Marabu Aqua
    from 9,80 €
    ready-to-use, water-based colour (ink), paste-like, covers well, smudge-proof, good to very good colour fastness (non-fade), complies with European safety norm EN71 (toy safety)
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