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      Pinturas Con Efecto Pizarra

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      • Pintura pizarra de color Pebeo P.BO Deco Ardoise
        acrylic paint, good coverage, matte, anti-glare, accepts chalk, can be thinned with water, colours can be mixed with one another, can be wet-wiped; paint coverage: 250 ml per square metre with two coats, conforms to...
        9 Variants
        Pintura pizarra de color Pebeo P.BO Deco Ardoise
        from 8,80 €
      • Jansen blackboard paint, matte
        acrylate paint for indoor use, low odour, free of aromatic compounds, colourless, matte, glare-free, smudge-proof, can be written on with chalk
        4 Variants
        Jansen blackboard paint, matte
        from 15,90 €
      • Pintura efecto pizarra, mate
        odourless alkyd resin paint for interior space, free from aromatic compounds, lustreless matte, wipe proof, accepts chalk
        Pintura efecto pizarra, mate
        from 25,00 €
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