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  • Pintura con efecto esmalte Pebeo Fantasy Prisme
    30 Variants
    Pintura con efecto esmalte Pebeo Fantasy Prisme
    from 4,90 €
    solvent-based, glaze or opaque finish depending on coat thickness, pearl-gloss, all paint miscible with one another, lightfast (non-fading), dry time is 10 to 72 hours depending on coat thickness, not dishwasher-safe,...
  • Pintura metálica Modern Options
    9 Variants
    Pintura metálica Modern Options
    from 16,90 €
    special water-based paint containing a large portion of real metal pigments, for coating metals or as ground colour for Modern Options patining agent
  • Agente de oxidación/pátina Modern Options
    6 Variants
    Agente de oxidación/pátina Modern Options
    from 11,90 €
    oxidation agent for copper, brass, bronze and iron/steel but especially for patining Modern Options metal paints
  • Pintura con efecto martillado Pebeo Fantasy Moon
    20 Variants
    Pintura con efecto martillado Pebeo Fantasy Moon
    from 4,90 €
    solvent-based, transparent (glaze) to opaque depending on coat thickness, mother-of-pearl glossy finish, all colours intermixable, lightfast (non-fading), drying time depending on the coat thickness is 10 to 72 hours,...
  • Sets Modern Options
    2 Variants
    Sets Modern Options
    from 20,30 €
    the set includes water-based metal paint and an oxidation agent for metals or Modern Options metal paints
  • Imprimante/barniz Modern Options
    2 Variants
    Imprimante/barniz Modern Options
    from 12,10 €
    primer for oxidizing and non-oxidizing ground paint used before applying Modern Options metal paints, white (transparent when set)
  • Envejecedor Modern Options
    2 Variants
    Envejecedor Modern Options
    from 11,90 €
    tinting solution (not an oxidation agent) for (partial) darkening or antiquing the Modern Options metal paints in silver, gold and blond bronze
  • Gel de lentejuelas Pebeo
    9 Variants
    Gel de lentejuelas Pebeo
    from 3,90 €
  • Productos auxiliares para Pebeo P.BO Deco Vintage
    2 Variants
    Productos auxiliares para Pebeo P.BO Deco Vintage
    from 6,90 €
    for P.BO Deco paints
  • Perlenmaker Pen Set
    3 Variants
    Perlenmaker Pen Set
    from 15,50 €
  • Marabu Effektliner
    32 Variants
    Marabu Effektliner
    from 3,30 €
    water-based paint, for diverse surfaces, washable up to 40 °C after being fixed (ironing or baking), round plastic container (liner pen), black cap
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