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  • Schmincke Aquarellfarbe Horadam Sets
    9 Variants
    Schmincke Aquarellfarbe Horadam Sets
    from 51,00 €
    Contents: 1/1 or 1/2 jars
  • Tinta-acuarela Pebeo Colorex
    35 Variants
    Tinta-acuarela Pebeo Colorex
    from 3,00 €
    liquid watercolour and drawing inks, highly concentrated, transparent (except for white, silver, gold), satin-glossy, can be thinned with water (except silver and gold), colours can be intermixed (except for silver...
  • Acuarelas Stockmar
    68 Variants
    Acuarelas Stockmar
    from 5,00 €
    rich pigment content, lightfast (non-fade), binder is gum arabic, conforms to European safety norm for toys EN71 and more! (see Info), for colour assortment of the different sets see Info as well!
  • Schmincke Aquarellfarbe Horadam, Weiß/Gelb-Töne
    209 Variants
    Schmincke Aquarellfarbe Horadam, Weiß/Gelb-Töne
    from 3,80 €
    water-soluble aquarelle paints made with pigments, Kordofan gum arabic and oxgall, solid, poured into pans in a liquid state 4 times, high to conditional lightfastness (non-fading), glazing to opaque coverage...
  • Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolour paints
    Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolour paints
    from 13,10 €
    Material: white plastic box, red sable watercolour brush with metal shaft, Watercolour paints: 12 1/2 pans, Size of box: 60 x 130 mm
  • Acuarelas Schmincke Akademie
    4 Variants
    Acuarelas Schmincke Akademie
    from 28,10 €
    water-soluble aquarelle paints made with pigments (does not include cadmium pigments), Kordofan gum arabic, oxgall and 10% filler, solid, poured into pans in a liquid state 2 times, high to conditional lightfastness...
  • Acuarelas Pebeo Aquarelle Fine
    29 Variants
    Acuarelas Pebeo Aquarelle Fine
    from 2,00 €
    solid form comes in "pans", liquid in tubes, from low to maximum lightfastness (non-fading) depending on the colour
  • Acuarelas St. Petersburg White Nights
    50 Variants
    Acuarelas St. Petersburg White Nights
    from 2,70 €
    pigments in gummi arabica and honey binding agent, solid, liquid poured, lightfastness goes from adequate to the highest level depending on the colour
  • Caja de acuarelas vacía
    4 Variants
    Caja de acuarelas vacía
    from 11,90 €
    sheet steel, exterior is matte black, interior is glossy white, thumb ring for opening, fold-out mixing palette, for half and whole pans
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