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Rotary Paper Trimmers

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Information about roll cutting machines

The worktop of the rotary paper cutting machine consists of painted sheet steel that is mounted on both sides in a plastic retaining fixture. On this retaining fixture a chromed round steel bar or, alternatively, a steel tube is affixed, both of these fixtures serve as the guide for sliding the round blade which, for safety purposes, is covered with a plastic cap. During the cutting action the rotating rolling blade sharpens itself on the lower blade and presses the transparent clamping bar (when the automatic contact pressure feature is included) downwards.

The rotary cutting machine is primarily used to cut small numbers of paper sheets, film or paperboard. They are not intended for use in cutting cardboard. The guide edge of the machine does not go all the way under the clamping bar with the result that pieces that are smaller than around 60 mm can no longer be fed at a right angle.