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Guillotine Paper Cutters

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Information about lever cutting machines

All the Dahle guillotine machines that we have on offer - except for the 533/543 – have an automatic paper clamp. During the cutting process the clamping bar automatically lowers and holds the paper in place. At the same time, the Dahle automatic safety system (not on the 533/534 machines) frees the blade for the cutting by pivoting around the lever.

Only paper, paperboard or thin films should be cut with all of the machines – only in exceptional cases thick cardboard. As is the case with the rotary cutting machines, the guide edge of the machine does not go all the way under the clamping bar with the result that pieces that are smaller than around 60 mm can no longer be fed at a right angle. For that the cutting machine 867 can be equipped with a narrow-strip cutting device. On all the machines the backstops are not calibrated and therefore not recommended for jobs requiring precision.