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Information about sandpaper

The sandpaper on offer at Modulor comes from a German company and is a high-quality product for handicraft work and for the trades: it is in another league from the usual cheap material sold in the home improvement markets. It is distinguished by its supple backing paper, its excellent bonding (the abrasive material adheres well to the paper) and by its long service life.

It can be used both wet and dry. Wet sanding with waterproof paper (resinoid bond) is recommended when dust is to be avoided or the material to be sanded is temperature sensitive. The last named circumstance applies to numerous thermoplastic plastics which will become somewhat soft at the temperatures that are caused by sanding and will then tend to smear rather than become smooth. With wood dry sanding is called for.

Sandpaper is not, however, only used for sanding and polishing but can be used for other purposes as well: for example, in (architectural) model making for representing sandy areas, asphalt and bitumen areas or water. Sandpaper displays an interesting, irregular texture which makes it a natural for use as a background material or for use in handicrafts or decoration work.