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  • Plastic cylinder magnifier (loupe)
    Plastic cylinder magnifier (loupe)
    from 2,70 €
    black/transparent plastic, with biconvex plastic lens (ø 30 mm), comes in cardboard box, h = 46 mm
  • Plastic thread counter
    Plastic thread counter
    from 9,50 €
    black plastic, double-convex plastic lens ((ø 30 mm), collapsible, comes in cardboard case, h = 54 mm (when opened)
  • Ecobra Vision magnifying glass
    Ecobra Vision magnifying glass
    from 5,20 €
    single piece plastic frame that is offset at a right angle to the glass (total length: ca. 160 mm; length of handle is ca. 90 mm), black, silicate glass lens, biconvex, diameter is 65 mm, triple magnification, 45 g...
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