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  • Fleece finishing handpads
    2 Variants
    Fleece finishing handpads
    from 6,90 €
    synthetic fibers with corundum (aluminum oxide abrasive) in brown, Bordeaux red or silicon carbide grey, resin bonded, for diverse sanding and cleaning work, can be used wet and dry for wood, metal and paint
  • Steel wool
    4 Variants
    Steel wool
    from 3,60 €
    course, 200 g package
  • Sanding sponge, 4-sided grit
    4 Variants
    Sanding sponge, 4-sided grit
    from 5,90 €
    aluminium oxide, resin bonded, for wet and dry sanding of wood, metal (not for stainless steel), paint and filler
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