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      Do you already know our color samples? Or would you like to book an individual furniture consultation? We are also happy to help you with our assembly service.

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      Some variants of our tables are made individually at your request. The delivery time is then several weeks. Is that too long for you? Then let us only show you our variants that can be delivered quickly. Choose one of our popular colors and a standard size and the table will be with you within 3-4 days.


      The dimensions here refer to the table top. For orientation: We generally recommend 160 x 80 cm as the minimum size of a work table. If you spend a lot of time at your desk and need enough space, we recommend a size of 180 x 90 cm.
        Length cm
        Width cm


        Linoleum - natural, high quality, durable

        With the natural material linoleum, you choose a particularly high-quality table surface with a beautiful feel. You have the choice between numerous colours, 3 board cores and countless glues. Bevelled edges, cable aperture or rounded corners? With our versatile linoleum table tops, (almost) nothing is impossible.

        Melamine - robust, classic, inexpensive

        With melamine, you choose a particularly resistant and durable tabletop surface. Its robust properties make it the classic standard worktop. With a top price-performance ratio!

        HPL — hard-wearing, easy-care and extra matt

        With HPL, you choose our most hard-wearing table surface. The laminate coating is pressed under high pressure and is considered to be insensitive and robust. HPL table tops are convincing in a classic or colourful way and optionally with bevelled edges and rounded corners.

          Surface area

          For technical production reasons, we guarantee at least one faultless A-side of the table tops in the cut to size. Slight impairments of the surface quality of the B-side cannot be ruled out. This is no reason for a complaint.



          Real wood

          Plastic (ABS)

          Surface area


          Edge veneer (Core: blockboard)

          Polished edge (Multiplex Birch / MDF)

          Surface area

          Polished edge


          The standard corner radius of our table tops is 3 mm. With our linoleum table tops with a sanded edge, you can also choose more rounded corners with a 25 mm or 50 mm radius - for a less solid, soft, and contemporary appearance. The two larger radii are particularly popular in combination with a beveled panel edge.

          Cable passage

          Longitudinal position cm
          The distance between the edge of the table top and the cable passage must be at least 13 cm. Measurements are always taken from the centre of the hole.
          Transverse position cm

          160 x 80 cm

          180 x 90 cm

          200 x 90 cm













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              For those in a hurry, we offer a special selection of tables that are immediately available. These T series classics are with you in a few days.

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              Design your T table, save, and send your draft to your email. Finalize it whenever you want.

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              If you have any questions about specific configurations or materials, please feel free to contact us via our chat.

              Table top
              Table frame

              Maximum dimensions

              220 cm x 100 cm



              Melamine table top with edge veneer
              19 mm or 25 mm

              Linoleum table top with edge veneer
              30 mm

              Linoleum table top with ground Multiplex Birch core
              20 mm or 26 mm

              Linoleum table top with ground MDF core
              21 mm

              HPL table top with sanded multiplex edge
              19 or 25 mm

              HPL table top with sanded MDF edge
              20 mm


              Corner radius

              Table top with edge veneer
              3 mm

              Linoleum and HPL tabletop with sanded board edge
              3 mm, 25 mm or 50 mm

              Overhang table frame

              How many centimetres the table top protrudes on all sides depends on the size of the table frame. The overhang can be derived from the following sizes:

              120 cm – 140 cm table top length = 107 cm frame length
              141 cm – 160 cm table top length = 127 cm frame length
              161 cm – 180 cm table top length = 147 cm frame length
              181 cm – 200 cm table top length = 167 cm frame length
              201 cm – 250 cm table top length = 187 cm frame length

              The size of the supporting arms is the same for all table tops.
              80 cm – 100 cm table top width = 60 cm supporting arm length


              Surface of melamine tops

              We guarantee at least one defect-free A-side for melamine tops. Slight impairments in the surface quality of the B-side cannot be ruled out and are not grounds for complaint. Before you mount the board on the table frame, select the preferred board side.

              Configure your T table

              The T table is the technical, telescopic table in our range. That sounds like a table from another planet at first. But, it's quite the contrary. The T table is more real and closer to our (working) world than we thought. The infinitely height-adjustable table has an uncomplicated, definite shape and scores the most points due to its internal, ergonomic values. The optimal and contemporary companion for a proverbially dynamic working environment.

              Healthy sitting or standing

              The T table enables both. Using simple transition and precisely adapted to your own body size.

              Electrical height adjustment

              Operation of the table is child's play. Optimum, ergonomic body posture at the touch of a button.

              Save three heights

              The professional technology of LINAK® allows the storage and direct selection of 3 table heights (Standard Plus a. Premium).

              Low standby consumption

              The T table is stable and transitions quickly. In idle mode, it consumes only 0.1 watts.

              Ergonomic body movement

              A person who sits the whole day risks not only tensions and pain in the neck and back area but also heart and circulatory diseases. Mounting workload and increasing stress contribute to this. Those who conclude that standing is the solution are almost right. Standing too long is also unhealthy and overloads muscles and veins.

              The optimum working environment for health makes it possible to switch between sitting and standing positions. The dynamism ensures healthy muscular tension and relaxation and has a positive effect on mental performance. What the Scandinavians have known for a long time is also becoming increasingly common in this country: back-friendly work tables such as our T table with infinitely variable height adjustment. They create the conditions for modern, productive, and ergonomic work.

              Material and shape of the T table

              The name of the T table is derived from the shape of the table frame. If you look under the table from the side, the support arm and the height-adjustable lifting column together form a T. Conveniently, the terms technical and telescopic also begin with the letter T as features of the table.

              The height-adjustable, technical T table has a straightforward, clear design. The table frame is made of high-quality, 2 mm thick steel. Its components are coated with an insensitive powder lacquer. The integrated, very robust technology completes the inner values of the T table and creates the basis for contemporary, ergonomic working.

              Robust table frame:
              Standard, Standard Plus or Premium

              The table frame of the table consists of two table frames running centrally under the tabletop, the supporting arms connected to them and the frame legs or lifting columns. You have the choice between a rectangular lifting column with a geometric, simple foot skid (Standard and Standard Plus models) and a round lifting column (Premium model) with an aesthetically coordinated foot skid.

              The lifting column of the rectangular, less expensive versions (Standard / Standard Plus) is in two parts and allows a continuous height adjustment between approx. 70 cm and 120 cm (including table top). If you are particularly tall or short, we recommend the round, three-part lifting column (Premium). The infinitely variable adjustment range is greater and the table height can be between approx. 65 cm and 128 cm (including table top).

              Wide range of table tops

              Whether solid melamine, robust HPL or high-quality, natural linoleum tabletop: The T table frame can be combined with a variety of table tops. Due to the centrally arranged table frames and the two support arms, thinner table tops with a thickness of at least 19 mm can also be mounted on the table frame.

              We recommend a thickness of at least 25 mm for table tops that project laterally far beyond the table frame. This makes it possible to create large conference tables on which work can also be carried out on the ends of the tables without any problems.

              Reliable technology for smooth height adjustment

              The lifting columns of the table are manufactured by the Danish company LINAK®, which has been developing and distributing linear actuators worldwide since 1980. All high-quality components of the lifting columns are checked several times during production. This guarantees a long service life and an extremely low failure rate. The warranty on the table frame is 5 years.

              The lifting columns and their controls are maintenance-free and have a lifting speed of approx. 38 mm/s. Their dynamic load-bearing capacity is a maximum of 50 kg per columns (Standard model) or rather of 80 kg per column (Standard Plus / Premium model). With an evenly distributed area load, a T table can be loaded with a maximum of 160 kg. The standby power consumption is very low at only 0.1 watts.

              Simple operation - while sitting, standing, or storing away

              The convenient control in the form of a rocker (Standard model) or with buttons and memory function (Standard Plus / Premium) is located under the table top. While the height of the Standard model can be adjusted automatically using a rocker, the Standard Plus and Premium models also offer the possibility of recording and directly selecting a total of three height positions. This makes it much easier to switch between standing and sitting positions. The round frame variant Premium also includes an indicator display on which the currently set height is visible.

              Standard / Standard Plus lifting column
              Square, two-piece, adj. range: approx. 70 - 120 cm (incl. table top)

              Premium lifting column
              Round, three-piece, adj. range: approx. 65 - 128 cm (incl. table top)

              Practical additions

              The T table can be enhanced with practical accessories. If you use the T table as a work table with a computer and other electronic devices, we advise you to use a cable outlet. It can bundle the many scattered cables and guide them under the table top. Once there, they can be collected in a cable duct in the color of the table frame, as can the associated multi-plugs.

              Not only cables can be neatly stowed away. PCs can also be mounted directly onto the table frame in a holder. The PC holder can be adjusted to the width and height of the PC tower. The height of the tower can be up to 50 cm.

              The accessories can be easily added in the configurator.

              Handling & mounting of the T table

              * Valid for shipping within Germany. Learn more about our delivery conditions.