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Suspension plate, self-adhesive, rectangular

100 x 100 mm, th=7 mm
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Article No.0255370
Adhesive surfaceone side is completely covered with mirror adhesive tape that is UV, weather and plasticizer resistant
Load capacity4 kg
Loop width4 mm
Dimensions100 x 100 mm
Strength7 mm (with eyelet and adhesive tape)

Laminating a picture onto a Dibond board has become a popular way to display it without a frame. But how do you then attach the board to a wall? You can´t bore a hole in the material because it is too thin; the only thing left is to glue a hanger on the reverse side. The most common ways of making such a hanger are to mount one or more self-adhesive hangers or to glue a U-profile on the back.

Self-adhesive hangers can be used on practically all smooth or slightly uneven surfaces that you do not want to, or cannot, nail or screw into – metal sheets, acrylic, MDF boards, etc. They can, of course, be used in the classic manner for hanging a mirror or mounting a mirror onto furniture. These hangers can also be mounted on (tile) wall areas in order to use the bracket or eyelet as a means of hanging devices or hooks. They can also be mounted on slightly rough surfaces because the mirror adhesive tape is soft enough to compensate for any slight unevenness. The tape adheres strongly right away so that the hanger can be immediately put to use – note, however, that, as is often the case with foam adhesive tapes, it only reaches its full adhesive strength after 24 hours. As is the case with all gluing work, it is important that the intended surface is clean and free of dirt or grease.

As a rule, the hangers should be placed in the upper third of the piece to be hung. In doing so, you should keep in mind that some compensating piece must also be added to the bottom third of the piece if you want it to hang straight down (not on an angle). For this purpose, BUMPON spacers, which we have on offer in various thicknesses, are highly recommended (they can, if necessary, be easily cut to the right size with a Cutter).

Attaching a U profile to the back of the panel/picture carrier material is an alternative to using these adhesive hangers as your mounting method. For smaller formats (up to about 600 x 600 mm) we recommend using DIBOND U-CHANNEL STRIPS, which should be attached with MOUNTING CEMENT to the panel and then placed on a nail, screw or hook.

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