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      • Letter clips, nickel-plated, round grip
        6 Variants
        Letter clips, nickel-plated, round grip
        from 0,30 €
        rounded grip with hole
      • Mini clothespins, wooden
        4 Variants
        Mini clothespins, wooden
        from 1,20 €
        beech wood, rust protected steel spring
      • Crocodile clip with wire rope
        Crocodile clip with wire rope
        from 0,70 €
        clip is made of galvanised sheet steel, with serrated jaws, wire rope made from galvanised steel strands, given length: length of the clip (total length)
      • Binder clip, nickel-plated, straight grip
        2 Variants
        Binder clip, nickel-plated, straight grip
        from 1,80 €
        straight grip piece with hole
      • Brads (paper fasteners)
        8 Variants
        Brads (paper fasteners)
        from 3,70 €
        round, domes heads, matte colour (exceptions: when given), given dimensions: diameter of the head and length of the legs, comes in plastic box
      • Giant clothespin, acrylic, transparent
        Giant clothespin, acrylic, transparent
        from 2,30 €
        steel spring is rust-protected
      • Crocodile clip, metal
        Crocodile clip, metal
        from 0,50 €
        clip is made of galvansed sheet steel, with serrated jaws
      • Mini clip, metal
        Mini clip, metal
        from 2,70 €
        galvanised sheet steel, serrated
      • Brass fasteners, silver
        2 Variants
        Brass fasteners, silver
        from 2,30 €
        round domed head ø 7.0 mm, rounded shank, l = 17 mm (size 3), German post office approved, nickel-plated, glossy
      • Mini clothespins, plastic
        2 Variants
        Mini clothespins, plastic
        from 3,00 €
        polystyrene, rust protected steel spring
      • Giant clothespins, wood
        3 Variants
        Giant clothespins, wood
        from 2,60 €
        Material: wood, metal
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