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      • PET-G transparent, colourless
        18 Variants
        PET-G transparent, colourless
        from 1,80 €
        glossy/glossy, both sides with protective film, flame resistant in compliance with DIN 4102 B1 (German Industry Norm)
      • PET-G patterned sheet, imprinted
        10 Variants
        PET-G patterned sheet, imprinted
        from 5,40 €
        transparent, colourless, glossy/glossy, one side with protective film/white screen printing
      • Corrugated sheet, through-stamped, transparent
        3 Variants
        Corrugated sheet, through-stamped, transparent
        from 22,90 €
        PET-G, colourless, glossy, th = 0.5 mm
      • Pyramid domes, PET-G, transparent
        5 Variants
        Pyramid domes, PET-G, transparent
        from 0,60 €
        colourless, glossy, deep-drawn (swaged), square base
      • Domes, PET-G, transparent
        5 Variants
        Domes, PET-G, transparent
        from 0,55 €
        colourless, glossy, deep-drawn (swaged), round base
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