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  • Flat bag cellophane, transparent
    8 Variants
    Flat bag cellophane, transparent
    from 1,10 €
    cellophane, colourless, glossy, 32,5 g/m², two seam bag (glued on the two long sides), exception is the DIN long size bag (glued in the middle and has fold-over bottom), has straight flap (DIN-long and C6 have...
  • Flat bottom cellophane bag, transparent
    4 Variants
    Flat bottom cellophane bag, transparent
    from 1,60 €
    cellophane, colourless, glossy, block bottom (flat base when opened out, no folds on the side), one glued seam, bottom is glued together, given dimensions: width x height x depth
  • Cellophane, transparent, colourless
    Cellophane, transparent, colourless
    from 3,70 €
    celulose hydrate, glossy, plain, wrapped around cardboard tube
  • Securing clips, gold
    Securing clips, gold
    from 1,75 €
    glossy coated paper, two wire inserts along the margins, flat
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