Paint Marker

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Opaque paint markers for light and dark surfaces

Paint markers are characterised by their enormous covering power and light resistance. They adhere excellently and cover dust-free, grease-free and dry surfaces. Based on their lacquered and pigment rich colours, they are best used on non-absorbent surfaces. Whether smooth, rough or transparent, whether on metal, glass, most plastics, wood, stone, paper, cardboard or paperboard: the application possibilities are as varied as the materials that are suitable for lettering and painting.

If, for example, tools and equipment need to be labeled or metals and materials from the construction and automotive industries need to be marked with white paint, paint markers are the right markers. Paint markers can also be used on absorbent paper or cardboard, but then lose their radiance. Here we recommend so-called gel pens, which also adhere to black surfaces, such as the black cardboard pages of a photo album.

Before using paint markers, shake well to ensure that the special properties of the UV and weather-resistant paints unfold properly. A good sign that the paint emulsion mixes in the right ratio is the crackling of the balls inside the paint sticks.

In everyday life, the conditionally impact- and scratch-resistant paint markers can be used to mark tool boxes, storage cans, beverage cartons, lunch boxes, bicycle or motorcycle helmets. In the street art and graffiti sector, there are no limits to creative creative possibilities in combination with spray paints, but also in combination with acrylic paints , oil paints and inks.