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      Adhesive Putty


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      • Bostik joining compound, Prestik
        2 Variants
        Bostik joining compound, Prestik
        from 10,90 €
        permanently ductile, kneadable self adhering sealing mass made of polyisobutylene, block covered with release paper (approx. 80 x 50 x 40 mm), blue-grey, for use as an interior and exterior seal as well as for...
      • Bostik Blu Tack
        Bostik Blu Tack
        from 4,90 €
        permanently ductile adhesive paste made from synthetic vulcanized rubber, block is covered on two sides with release paper (approx. 120 x 70 x 3 mm), light blue, for easy but reliable and removable affixing of light...
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