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      • Flip chart pad
        2 Variants
        Flip chart pad
        from 6,50 €
        made up of 80 g/m² wood-free paper, 6 universal hole patterns, micro-perforated, comes with logo, given dimensions: width x length = usable dimension
      • Exacompta punched pocket for easel binder
        Exacompta punched pocket for easel binder
        from 2,90 €
        Contains: 20 sheet-protectors
      • 3M Post-it Meeting Charts
        3M Post-it Meeting Charts
        from 29,90 €
        easel pad with micro-perforation and Post-it adhesive strips, white paper without lines, sticks to almost all wall surfaces, removable without residue, markers do not bleed through paper, portable by virtue of the...
      • magnetoplan Junior SP flipchart
        magnetoplan Junior SP flipchart
        from 69,90 €
        painted (white), magnetically adhesive metal surface, integrated marker storage area, tripod stand, total height (means the maximum height) is 1850 mm, stand area is ca. 950 x 735 mm, frame colour is silver; given...
      • Rocada Flipchartpaper mount Skin Blockboard
        Rocada Flipchartpaper mount Skin Blockboard
        from 29,90 €
        630 mm wide metal strip with overhanging edge for hanging purposes (inner dimension: 13 mm), plastic plugs, standard flipchart pad, universal hole pattern with 6 holes, micro-perforationed (670 x 990 mm, 20 sheets)
      • Exacompta Easel binder, Exashow
        Exacompta Easel binder, Exashow
        from 18,90 €
        black polypropylene cover with subtle linear grooves, tuck-in flap fastener, one pocket each for CDs and business cards on the inside cover, multi-ring (4 rings with 30 mm diameter) with closing mechanism, includes...
      • Rocada Flipchart professional
        Rocada Flipchart professional
        from 219,00 €
        white, powder-coated surface, magnetic, integrated marker storage area, single leg stand, stable round floor base made of steel tubing (diameter is 45/50 mm) with 5 lockable casters, extended height adjustment...
      Information about Flipcharts

      Usually flip charts are actually enhanced whiteboards (see information) – i.e. magnetic, white writing surfaces that can be written on and then dry-erased afterwards. However, flip charts also have an additional device on the upper side of the writing surface that makes it possible to attach a writing pad, which is understandably referred to as a flip chart paper pad. This means the magnetic whiteboard can also serve as the substrate for a writing pad that can be flipped to new pages as desired.

      One basic advantage that writing on a pad has over a conventional whiteboard is that you do not have to erase everything when the board is full in order to write some more. Previous writing is simply folded over towards the back or torn off or presented in a parallel manner and stored. A flip chart of this kind is much more versatile than a standard whiteboard because you can write on its white surface and attach magnets to it while at the same time having the less transient option of writing on actual paper.

      Most flip charts are sold as head-high or sometimes height adjustable, rollable or stationary stands. In addition, there are attachments for whiteboards that are mounted on a wall that transform them into flip chart substrates (we do not carry them yet). There are also articles sold under the name flip chart or meeting chart that can be used for table presentations without the need for a mount (frame) or whiteboard. With these products the cover or the packaging can be turned into a stand by being turned toward the rear whereby the writing surface or the graphics and pictures that are to be presented will be vertical in orientation and thereby capable of being seen by a larger group of people.

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