Simple and plain table frame

Good price-performance ratio

Stable and solid design

Available in many colors

Article No.3012441-014-SET
Sizesdifferent heights and sizes for various uses
Colorsnumerous color variants (powder coatings)
Feet5 pieces under the footplate, adjustable or removable
SurfaceDepending on color: Glossy (GL), satin (SM), fine textured (FS)

The Modulor table frame S is a single-column table frame. It has a central column that is rigidly connected to a base plate at the bottom and a head plate at the top. You can screw a table top of your choice onto the head plate. You are not only free to choose the material, but also a wide variety of geometries are possible: round, square, rectangular - whatever you want. You can also choose the length of the column. The table can therefore be dimensioned as a low side table, as a bistro table where you can sit, or as a high table.

Our table frame S opens up very different application possibilities due to the many available variants. Use it for your home office, for conferences, for product presentation, at the fair stand, as a ticket counter or as an event table. It is solidly and stably constructed and processed. We offer it in a number of colors. Common to all color variants is the powder coating. All variants also have five adjustable feet under the footplate, with which you can compensate for small unevenness in the floor so that the table does not tip over. The feet can also be turned out completely so that the footplate lies completely on the floor, which is useful for carpets or very flat floors. The table frame contains a screw set (pan-head wood screws), with which you can connect your table top to the head plate of the table frame from below. Pre-drilling is usually not necessary (depending on the panel material).

In the description of the different variants we give a number of dimensions. These mean the following: The first diameter specification refers to the column diameter. The second dimension indicates the diameter of the table base, the third dimension indicates the table height from the lower edge of the footplate to the upper edge of the headplate. The last dimension includes our recommendation for the maximum diameter of the table top that you can mount on top of the head plate. This information refers to a circular table top. In the case of a rectangular plate, this dimension specification should not be significantly exceeded as a diagonal. Please do not mount a larger plate, as the risk of tipping increases significantly.

Modulor table frame S (SET)

S5 ø80xø680x710mm, max.ø1000mm, raw steel, lacquer GL
incl. VAT / excl. shipping
370,00 €
incl. VAT / excl. shipping