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  • Steel ruler, rust-proof, flexible
    4 Variants
    Steel ruler, rust-proof, flexible
    from 1,90 €
    Tolerance class: conforms to DIN ISO 2768 m/EC class II, design: reads from left to right, flexible construction, Strength: 0.5 mm, Dimensions: etched or engraved graduation, upper edge 1/1 mm, lower edge 1/2 mm
  • Steel ruler, rust-proof, rigid
    4 Variants
    Steel ruler, rust-proof, rigid
    from 4,50 €
    conforms to EC class II, reads from left to right, stiff construction (th = 1.0 – 1.4 mm), rust-free spring band steel, etched or engraved graduation: upper edge 1/1 mm und lower edge 1/2 mm, conversion table...
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