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NEW: Configurate your own Linoleum table top. Start configurator

Linoleum tabletop, bevelled edge, 50mm corner radius (custom cutting available)

MDF 4166, anthracite, 25°, R 50, 21x800x1600mm
(343,75 €/m²)incl. VAT / excl. shipping
440,00 €
(343,75 €/)
incl. VAT / excl. shipping

2 exquisite Linoleum colours: Vapour and anthracite

2 tabletop cores: MDF (Valchromat) in anthracite and multiplex

50 mm rounded corners

25° bevelled edge for a filigree appearance

Open, finely sanded and moisture resistant edge

Custom cutting available

Location in Store
Article No.3007144
CoatingOne side with coloured Linoleum (2 mm), rear side with backing paper
Tabletop materialMDF (Valchromat) in grey or anthracite (21 mm) or birch multiplex (20 or 26 mm)
Tabletop thickness20, 21 or 26 mm (including 2 mm Linoleum coating)
Tabletop size800 x 1.600 mm or 900 x 1.800 mm or 900 x 2.000 mm
Tabletop size custom cuttingMDF core: Max. 2.500 x 1.800 mm / Multiplex core: Max. 2.500 x 1.250 mm
Minimum order0,5 m²

What color to choose? To make the decision easier, have a look at our table linoleum color samples.

Stylish tabletops with linoleum coating. Exceptional haptics (feel) and two elegant material combinations: MDF tabletop core with Linoleum coating in anthracite or multiplex tabletop core with Linoleum coating in vapour.

Our high quality linoleum tabletop with the bevelled edge has an edge bevel of about 25°. This special edge, which is also called a chamfer, angles down on the underside of the tabletop all the way to the middle. This accords the tabletop an elegant, intricate and less bulky appearance despite its great sturdiness. When used in combination with, e.g., a Y table frame, this linoleum tabletop looks noticeably thinner from a distance and seems to be almost hovering! The rounded tabletop corners, which have a radius of 50 mm, underpin the tabletop´s reduced chamfer design and prevent you from bumping into a sharp corner or becoming snagged. This is an invaluable advantage if the table is to also be used by children.

The Format, Colour and Core of Your Choice

You can customize your linoleum tabletop with bevelled edges by not only choosing your desired format but also by selecting from 21 different colours of linoleum and 4 different types of tabletop cores.  

Linoleum – A unique and durable tabletop surfacing material  

Linoleum is made from renewable raw materials such as wood, granulated cork, linseed oil and jute. Its homogeneous, matte but nevertheless non-slip surface is perfect for drawing or writing.  The material feels good to the touch, has anti-bacterial and antistatic properties and conducts electricity (its bleeder and contact resistance is between app. 109 and 1010 Ω). Because of these attributes, linoleum covered table tops are perfect for use in the therapeutic and technical realms. On top they make great writing tables but can be used as shelving or kitchen counters as well (short-term heat-resistance up to 70°C ).

A Valchromat or Multiplex core

You can choose a Linoleum coating with a tabletop core made of exquisite fully coloured MDF – so called Valchromat – both in anthracite. The noble alternative is a Linoleum coating in vapour with a classic multiplex core made of birch plywood. The edges of all tabletops are untreated, open-pored, sanded as well as moisture resistant and resilient.
The 21 mm thick MDF tabletop requires supporting rails beneath them because it is not all that sturdy - it will otherwise tend to sag even when spanning over a relatively short distance. This makes them particularly suitable for use with our Y table systems. Compared to this the 26 mm multiplex tabletop can be lain on e.g. a E2 table frame without the need for supporter accessories.

Good to know

Care and cleaning of linoleum is best done with special agents like Harell care and cleaning set for linoleum, which can be found in our product assortment. If you want, the edge can be treated and sealed with Biofarben hard oil or work top oil.

The colour of the linoleum coating that you see at the time of delivery will change slightly with time. The reason for this is the light yellow “drying-oven film” which will eventually disappear after the coating has been out in the daylight for a number of hours.

WT2STLinoleum tabletop, bevelled edge, 50mm corner radius (custom cutting available) & Lighting/Table Tops/Linoleum Table Top