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Article No.0063330
material100% polyamide, colourless acrylate adhesive
Product categoryÖKO-TEX standard 100 class ll certified
functional lifeapprox. 10,000 openings

Self-adhesive hook and loop tape is an unbelievably practical aid for affixing objects to desired locations with the knowledge that they can be removed at any time. For this reason, it has been embraced as a means for affixing, for example, information panels in stores or at trade shows or for attaching lightweight interior panelling. The self-adhesive tapes are not washable and cannot be sewn because the adhesive sticks so badly to the sewing needle if you try.

Attributes: This self-adhesive hook and loop tape will stick to practically all smooth surfaces - not including, it should be noted, the problematical plastic polypropylene. The acrylate adhesive is resistant to many different plasticizers (not to monomer plasticizer!) and has good resistance to UV rays. In the case of very strong UV rays, the polyester tape version should be used (on inquiry).

Applications: Working at room temperature, the hook and loop tape should be positioned and pressed into place on a dry, dust-free and grease-free surface. Because the maximum adhesion is not reached until 72 hours have passed, the tape should not be put under any load for as long as possible. Any adhesive residue can be removed with warm water or, if necessary warm water mixed with a cleaner.

hook and loop tape, self-adhesive

w = 20 mm, white, HOOKS, 5 m per roll
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(1,00 €/lin. m)
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