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      Stapler & Staples




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      • Novus fine wire staples A 53
        4 Variants
        Novus fine wire staples A 53
        from 3,90 €
        for Novus as well as many other commercial staplers; comes in transparent re-sealable plastic package
      • Novus flat wire staples D 53 F
        3 Variants
        Novus flat wire staples D 53 F
        from 3,80 €
        for Novus as well as many other commercial staplers; comes in transparent re-sealable plastic package (a 5000 staple order comes in a carton)
      • Novus Elektrotacker J-102
        Novus Elektrotacker J-102
        from 39,90 €
        Product: Electric stapler, Material: ABS plastic, Gross weight: 1.469 g, Cable length: 2500 mm
      • Novus Handtacker J-25 metal power
        Novus Handtacker J-25 metal power
        from 29,90 €
        Product: Hand stapler, Material: Zinc die-cast housing, Weight: 620 g, Loading mechanism: Bottom-loading
      • Novus Handtacker J-11 creative
        Novus Handtacker J-11 creative
        from 7,90 €
        Product: Hand-held stapler, Material: ABS plastic, Weight: 150 g, Loading mechanism: Bottom-loading
      • Staples, galvanised
        Staples, galvanised
        from 3,80 €
        for Hand-held staple gun, metal , come packed in a carton
      • Hand-held staple gun, metal
        Hand-held staple gun, metal
        from 20,30 €
        steel housing, chromed, weight is about 430 g, locking device in handle, TÜV certified (German Technical Monitoring Association)
      • Staple remover
        Staple remover
        from 13,00 €
        head is made of metal, ergonomic plastic handle, works on all commercial staples
      • Logan Dual-Drive point driver
        Logan Dual-Drive point driver
        from 89,00 €
      Information about Stapler & Staples

      Tackers (staple guns) are very versatile tools when it comes to affixing materials like, for example, films, wire mesh, textiles, carpets, paper and cardboard as well as wood and derived timber products to materials that can accept nails.

      There are two basic types of tackers: hand tackers in which the staples are driven manually by a spring and electric tackers and pneumatic tackers in which the staples are automatically driven into place. At this time our product line is limited to hand and electric tackers.

      One of the most important considerations when buying a tacker is its weight. Working with the lighter version is less effort but it should be noted that it is the weight of the device which absorbs the recoil energy and therefore relieves the pressure to hand and wrist. In addition, heavier tackers, in the case of horizontal application, require a lot less impact to work.

      Whether you decide to go with an electric tacker with a plastic housing or a hand tacker with a metal housing should primarily depend on how quickly and how often you will be using this tool. If time is an important consideration we recommend an electric tacker but if it is not to be used so often a hand tacker is good enough.

      Last but not least, the type of staple to be used should be taken into account in your choice of tacker. We have on offer various tackers which will not work with all the different types of staples. Please keep this in mind when buying your tool.
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