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  • Gilder's cushion
    Gilder's cushion
    from 72,00 €
    cushioned wood base, covered in suede, bordered with black cloth band, foldaway wind screen made from firm, white transparent paper, h = app. 165, d(epth) = app. 120, 2 carrier loops on the back side
  • Agate polishing stone
    Agate polishing stone
    from 39,50 €
    grey semi-precious stone, silver coloured sheet metal ferrule, painted beechwood handle, length of handle is approximately 128 mm
  • Gilder's knife
    Gilder's knife
    from 36,70 €
    for taking up and cutting gold leaf and metal leaf, forged stainless steel blade, both sides with lightly ground edges, continuous riveting through a real wood handle
  • Air brush machine for powder gold/silver
    Air brush machine for powder gold/silver
    from 211,00 €
    electric, dry atomisation nozzle made of stainless steel, comes with one round and one cylindrical glass container including rubber seal, membrane pump (plastic housing with band clip), 1 speed, 1.5 V, air hose l =...
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