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      • Zenith paper drill
        4 Variants
        Zenith paper drill
        from 12,80 €
        dark grey plastic shaft (l = 100 mm) with black head, hardened quality steel die tap with long tool-life, comes in polystyrene insert with cardboard sheath
      • Tool holder
        Tool holder
        from 10,10 €
        Material: nickel-plated brass, Holder sizes: 0,1 - 3,2 mm
      • Proxxon HSS twist drill set
        2 Variants
        Proxxon HSS twist drill set
        from 5,20 €
        HSS (per DIN 338) twist drill, short, cylindrical, right-side cutter
      • Countersink tool
        Countersink tool
        from 9,70 €
        Blade length: 50 mm
      • Hand (Persian) drill
        Hand (Persian) drill
        from 6,90 €
        l = 280 mm, threaded rod with metal hexagon chuck, red wooden handle, includes 1 drill with a 2 mm diameter
      • Forstner bit set
        Forstner bit set
        from 20,00 €
        Material: chrome vanadium steel, Set contents: ᴓ 15/20/25/30/35 mm, Packaging: wooden case
      • Heller cement drill set
        Heller cement drill set
        from 12,45 €
        Material: special tempered steel technology for increased break resistance, Contents of set: ᴓ5/6/8/10 mm, Packaging: plastic case
      • Gimlet (hand drill) set
        Gimlet (hand drill) set
        from 5,90 €
        set of 4 hand drills (ø 2/3/4/5 mm), steel screw at one end, handle consists of bent loop. black in blister pack
      • Heller wood drill bit set
        Heller wood drill bit set
        from 12,45 €
        Material: CV steel, Contents of set: ᴓ 4/5/6/8/10 mm, Packaging: plastic case with holders
      • Heller steel drill set
        Heller steel drill set
        from 6,20 €
        Material: HSS steel, Contents of set: ᴓ 2/3/4/5/6/8 mm, Packaging: plastic case
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