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coloured authentic hand-made paper (called Ingres after famous French artist), 3 sheets each of white and ivory and 2 sheets each of antique, butter, yellow, grey-green, rose, light grey, grey), finely ribbed, matte, acid-free, aging resistant, glued bond, cover made of printed paperboard, back page is cardboard

The Hahnemühle authentic hand-made paper called Ingres (after the French artist Auguste Dominique Ingres, 1780-1867) is produced the old-fashioned way on a cylinder mould machine. The pastel artist pad is made up of finely ribbed, acid-free paper in 9 different non-fade colours and is designed for use with dry colouring and drawing techniques using pencil, chalk, pastel, ruddle and watercolour.

Hahnemühle Ingres pastel artist pad, col. 100 g/mř

240 x 310 mm, 20 sheets, 9 different hues
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11,90 €
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