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Golden Pumice Gel

237 ml tub, fine (3195)
(105,06 €/liter)incl. VAT / excl. shipping
24,90 €
(105,06 €/liter)
incl. VAT / excl. shipping
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Article No.0278971
acrylic polymer binding agent with pumice added, water-based, pasty consistency, light grey and opaque, matte and rough when dry, absorbent, hard, miscible with acrylic paints and other gels and pastes and painting mediums, waterproof, lightfast, age-resistant

The pumice stingles offer different levels of granularity, from fine-grained to very coarse-grained. All form hard, robust surfaces after drying.

Pumice gel fine dries to a fine-grained, velvety-matte surface that is well suited, for example, as a primer for oil and dry pastels as well as for oil crayons. Coarse pumice gels produce correspondingly coarser and more grainy surfaces that have a concrete-like effect.

Any of the gels can be mixed with acrylic paint or added to other Golden Gels or painting mediums to increase flexibility. Appealing on the dried, grainy-rough and very absorbent surface is both glazing with diluted acrylic paint and painting in dry brush technique with very thick paint.

PXCADGolden Pumice Gel & Chemicals/Auxiliaries for Acrylic Painting