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Spheres & Hemispheres

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Getting projects rolling: With solid, drilled and hollow balls

Our wide range of solid, hollow, cannulated and half spheres made of wood, steel, plastic, sponge rubber, cork and polystyrene reflects the wonderfully diverse application possibilities of these round objects. Whether in model building, interior design, as (seasonal) decoration or for setting small and large accents: Round shapes can be used for practical and decorative purposes not only in a wide variety of private and commercial contexts. They also have a positive effect on human perception. Round has a more aesthetic and soothing effect on us than square. At the same time, round shapes are able to attract more attention than their less perfect and angular colleagues - an invaluable advantage in the context of presentation and contrast.

Whole spheres - round form in perfection

Depending on their size, solid balls are used in model making, for home-made games, as marbles or for jewellery. Balls made of wood, balls made of cork and balls made of sponge rubber look very natural and are preferably used in the construction of architectural models and wooden dolls. Our wooden balls are turned from chamber-dried European beech wood and then sanded to create a relatively smooth surface. Our half wooden balls are predestined for the representation of rivets on a scale of 1:1, but also function as doll's feet, playing pieces and decorative elements.

Although designed for cleaning pipes, sponge rubber balls often represent hilly landscapes and treetops in model making. Together with round tubes and pins, trees and entire forests can be put together quickly. Sponge rubber can be dyed by dipping it in poster paint or tinting paint.

Spheres made of acrylic glass or steel are suitable for professional molecular models. In contrast to wood, cork and sponge rubber, acrylic glass and steel balls can be used to achieve great lighting effects. In decorative bowls, for decorating mirrors and picture frames, as homemade, solid paperweights and particularly impressive: as fluorescent screens and chandeliers, their light-reflecting properties come into their own perfectly.

Drilled spheres - flexible and variable combinations

Our drilled and half drilled balls made of wood, cork and cotton wool have the great advantage that they can simply be joined together, put together on or with other materials and shapes or pulled onto strings and wires as a chain. This results in complex scaffolds, shapes and models, but also mobiles, furniture handles, coasters (balls of cork), key rings, orthopedic seating (balls of wood) or the so-called calculating machine Abakus.

If you are looking for representations of trees for your architectural model and if the surface of the sponge rubber balls is not smooth enough for you, you can fall back on half drilled balls made of wood or cotton wool. These can easily be placed on round bars, spring steel or toothpicks. Independent of model constructions, the wooden "trees" are also suitable as fittings to which modelling clay can be attached and sculptures can be modelled.

From acrylic glass to stainless steel: Hollow spheres - all splendour

Hollow hemispheres made of transparent plastic such as PVC, polystyrene and blown acrylic glass are popular and appreciated in shopfitting, museums, trade fairs, decorations and as luminaires. PVC hemispheres and high quality acrylic hemispheres are primarily used to protect exhibits and products. The blown and streak-free acrylic glass ensures an unobstructed and clear view of the preserved objects. While the PVC hemispheres reach up to a diameter of 50 cm, we offer our unique acrylic glass hemispheres even up to a diameter of one meter. Both types of sphere halves can be sprayed with paint and glued together. As colourful lamps or presentation displays they have the attention on their side. Our mirrored hemispheres made of acrylic glass have a reflective coating on the inside and are used as convex mirrors and decorative elements on walls, ceilings and counters.

The smaller hemispheres made of polystyrene can easily be closed and reopened to form a whole sphere due to their rebate. In model making, they serve as skylight domes and skylights. Because of their eyelet, they are ideal as Christmas tree decorations, as doors of an Advent calendar, as mobiles or presentation displays. For the versatile polystyrene balls we offer practical inserts and adapters. The separating disc ensures that different contents are placed in the two halves of the sphere. With the adapter, the ball can be set up and placed on a rod, which in turn embellishes a flower pot or garden.

Our easy to assemble hemispheres made of medium porous polystyrene can be decorated with all kinds of colours, papers and mosaic stones. They are used as domes, e.g. observatories and planetariums in model making. They are also easy to place on rods and work with the thermal saw. Whether shiny or matt: Our whole, hollow balls made of stainless steel are very light and are used, among other things, as decorative elements in ornamental ponds. Like our solid steel balls, their play with light makes them a noble eye-catcher.