Shiny, polished

Precisely worked

Location in StoreEGJ14B
Article No.0250311
Colorcolorless, transparent
Surfaceglossy polished, undrilled
Quality class1 (corresponds to manufacturing accuracy: ø +/- 0.25 mm, or roundness +/- 0.13 mm)

The solid, extruded acrylic glass spheres are characterized by their precision. The tolerance for dimensional deviations in any respect is less than a quarter of a millimeter. The surface of the spheres is polished and glossy. The spheres are especially suitable for decorative applications.

Since the spheres are extruded, you should refrain from any machining. The spheres should not be sawed, drilled or milled. The tension introduced into the spheres during manufacturing very easily leads to cracks in the material.

Acrylic glass XT ball, transparent, solid

ø 6.4 mm
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0,45 €
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Outer Diameter:
ø 6.4 mm
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ø 9.6 mm
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ø 12.7 mm
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ø 15.9 mm
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ø 22.2 mm
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ø 25.4 mm
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ø 38.1 mm
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