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natural white, matte (slight grain), contains cotton rag, 4 real handmade deckel edges, neutral sizing, acid-free, alkaline buffered, maximum aging resistance, no optical brightener

Zerkall copperplate paperboard is a board that is made with a fibre paste from a vat just like one used for handmade paper. This version also uses a round screen for taking the paste from the vat but this is done by a machine - the result, however, is just like handmade paper with its characteristic deckle edge (uneven). This paperboard is particularly hard and has an absorbent surface, features that make it very suitable for printing work done by the flat screen method (e.g. lithography), through-printing techniques (e.g. screen printing), letterpress printing (e.g. woodcut, linocut), intaglio printing (etching techniques, siderography) and relief printing and especially great for being painted with water colours.

Zerkall copperplate engraving board, Old Bern

sheets, ca. 760 x 1070 mm (LG), 340 g/m²
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(12,17 €/)
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