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translucent, colourless (white), wood free, from 100% cellulose, matte, wound on cardboard tube, packed in paper

This thin transparent sketching paper with a weight of 22 g/m² has a relatively high absorbency rate. Its surface has little influence on a pencil sketch but in the case of drawings made with felt and fibre-tip pens the ink will tend to run somewhat. This effect is actually a desirable one for most of our customers because the drawing seems to gain in liveliness as a result.

Transparent sketching paper rolls

22 g/m², w=330, l=50 m
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22 g/m², w=330, l=50 m
9,90 €
22 g/m², w=330, l=100 m
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40 g/m², w=330, l=20 m
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40 g/m², w=330, l=50 m
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40 g/m², w=610, l=20 m
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40 g/m², w=610, l=50 m
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