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      • Polyester copying-drafting film
        3 Variants
        Polyester copying-drafting film
        from 2,10 €
        Material: polyester flm, Transparency: translucent, Surface: matte on both sides (non-reflective), Characteristics: very dimensionally stable, heat stabilized, tear resistant and waterproof, lightfast
      • Foam rubber cord, round, black
        6 Variants
        Foam rubber cord, round, black
        from 4,90 €
        EPDM, approx. 15 Sh-A
      • Varaform gauze
        2 Variants
        Varaform gauze
        from 15,80 €
        Product description: translucent, closed surface coated cotton mesh, 18% cotton, 82% thermoplastic synthetic resin, heating time: 1-2 min, processing time: 2-3 min
      • Satinband Standard
        20 Variants
        Satinband Standard
        from 1,60 €
        100% polyester, genuine selvedge (edge), one side glossy, rear side matte, comes on a spool
      • Double face satin ribbon, fine
        34 Variants
        Double face satin ribbon, fine
        from 1,55 €
        100% polyester, soft, especially glossy, real selvedge (woven edge), 3 m skein with package band
      • Fair Trade cotton bag
        Fair Trade cotton bag
        from 2,50 €
        100% cotton, 155 g/sq. meter, untreated, with interior lining, long loop handle (ca. 700 mm), handle cross-stitched on the bag, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and Fair Trade certified, GOTS and Fair-Trade...
      • SikaBlock modelling/tooling board M1000
        6 Variants
        SikaBlock modelling/tooling board M1000
        from 19,90 €
        material: homogeneous polyurethane-based modelling material, Density: 1,000 kg/m³, Modus of elasticity: 1,800 MPa (ISO 178)
      • Book gauze, coated
        3 Variants
        Book gauze, coated
        from 4,50 €
        100% cotton, beige, impregnated with starch (stiffened), fabric construction of Ypsilon (single thread): warp 9.5 threads (Nm 60)/cm, weft 6.5 threads (Nm 60)/cm; fabric construction for Beta (2 threaded); warp 17.5...
      • TPE film
        TPE film
        from 8,80 €
        SEBS (stryrene-ethylene/butylene-styrene), both sides somewhat rough textured, app. 50 Sh-A, elongation at tear app. 600%, temperature resistant from -50 °C to +100 °C (unstretched material), food safe, withstands...
      • Cotton twill tape, coloured
        12 Variants
        Cotton twill tape, coloured
        from 3,70 €
        100% cotton, twill weave (herringbone pattern), weight: approx. 3.5 kg/1000m in a width of 20 mm, woven edges, has the usual commercial finish
      • Elastic braces, coloured, wide
        14 Variants
        Elastic braces, coloured, wide
        from 7,60 €
        81.5% polyester, 18.5% synthetic elastomer (rubber), elongation to approx. 70%, weight: approx. 29.1 kg/1000 m in w = 35 mm, woven border, finished with the customary glaze
      • Cotton curling ribbon, matte
        15 Variants
        Cotton curling ribbon, matte
        from 1,30 €
        100% cotton decorative ribbon, compostable, solid colour, matte, skew (ball) with banderole (scroll)
      • Roll-up pencil case with snap fastener, black
        Roll-up pencil case with snap fastener, black
        from 4,90 €
        made of nylon fabric, artificial leather fastener strap with hole for hanging, given dimensions are the size of the bag when unrolled
      • Polyester-film AS, transparent
        Polyester-film AS, transparent
        from 9,70 €
        colourless, glossy/glossy, antistatic (AS)
      • Snooploop, transparent, colourless, glossy
        5 Variants
        Snooploop, transparent, colourless, glossy
        from 0,50 €
        polyester film, s = 0.1 mm, given dimensions: width x height inside with closed envelope, straight flap (self-adhesive), opening and adhesive strip on the side first mentioned
      • Neoprene mat, cloth coated
        8 Variants
        Neoprene mat, cloth coated
        from 7,50 €
        synthetic rubber foam based on chloroprene (CR), closed-cell, black, quality S (good malleability, hard-wearing, compact), density: 245 kg/m³, both sides laminated with nylon-/polyester jersey, dimensions +/- 5%
      • Fabric ribbon with neon coloured border
        6 Variants
        Fabric ribbon with neon coloured border
        from 5,20 €
        beige synthetic fibre ribbon with woven (neon coloured) border, solid colour, comes on plastic spool
      • Orabond 1397 double-sided adhesive tape
        Orabond 1397 double-sided adhesive tape
        from 7,40 €
        adhesive on both sides, transparent, carrier material is polyester film, excellent UV resistance, temperature resistant from -40 to +160 °C (short term up to 180 °C), cyanoacrylate adhesive , th = 0.21 mm
      • Cotton gloves white, light quality
        2 Variants
        Cotton gloves white, light quality
        from 1,20 €
        100% cotton, washable up to 95° C
      • Polyester wadding (handicrafts wadding)
        2 Variants
        Polyester wadding (handicrafts wadding)
        from 5,40 €
        100% polyester, layed down in layers, machine washable up to 40 °C
      • Solid rubber round cord, black
        8 Variants
        Solid rubber round cord, black
        from 4,90 €
        NBR, approx. 70 Sh-A
      • Bookbinding material, half-linen
        4 Variants
        Bookbinding material, half-linen
        from 3,50 €
        blended fabric in various beige tones (composition, see information), backing is white acid-free carrier paper 30 g/m², calendered, polyvinyl acetate finish, fabric configuration see information, usable width = 1070mm
      • PU convoluted foam 20/20
        PU convoluted foam 20/20
        from 7,90 €
        open-cell, height of cones and base 20/20; certified as conforming to Ökotex Standard 100 (human ecological quality)
      • Synthetic leather with knitted backing (1268)
        14 Variants
        Synthetic leather with knitted backing (1268)
        from 9,50 €
        75% polyurethane, 25% polyester, 415 g/m², th = 0,8 mm, solid colour, machine washable up to 30 °C, effective width is ca. 1370 mm, doubled over
      • Bumper, self-adhesive spacer, rectangular
        4 Variants
        Bumper, self-adhesive spacer, rectangular
        from 1,80 €
        Material: Plastic buffer made of polyurethane elastomer, Property: permanently elastic, Shorehu00e4rte: 65-70 Sh-A, temperature resistanceu00e4ndigkeit: (approx.) from u201320 u00b0C to 75 u00b0C
      • Cotton Lurex Twist metallic yarn
        6 Variants
        Cotton Lurex Twist metallic yarn
        from 2,60 €
      • Ripstop spinnaker nylon, Schikarex
        12 Variants
        Ripstop spinnaker nylon, Schikarex
        from 9,90 €
        material: 100% polyamide, Strength: 0.05 mm, Grid size: distance between reinforcement threads 4 mm, Useable width: ca 1500 mm
      • Japanese kimono fabric in blue
        7 Variants
        Japanese kimono fabric in blue
        from 15,90 €
        Material: 100% cotton, woven, linen look, printed on both sides, Colour: indigo blue, one side with white pattern, one with cream-coloured pattern, Dimensions: effective width ca. 1100 mm, doubled over
      • Gift wrapping twine, Polo cotton, twisted
        6 Variants
        Gift wrapping twine, Polo cotton, twisted
        from 1,80 €
        twisted 100% cotton decorative twine, compostable, solid colour, matte, clew (ball of twine)
      • Bookbinding tape, beige
        Bookbinding tape, beige
        from 1,60 €
        linen twill, (herringbone pattern)
      • New Range
        Cotton canvas, H weave, 270 g/m², primed
        3 Variants
        Cotton canvas, H weave, 270 g/m², primed
        from 9,30 €
        100% cotton, plain weave, white primer, very fine texture, moderately absorbent
      • Heki foliage flock, coloured
        9 Variants
        Heki foliage flock, coloured
        from 4,20 €
        medium size foam flock (ø 1 - 2 mm)
      • Fabric case with zipper, cotton
        Fabric case with zipper, cotton
        from 4,60 €
        Material: 100% cotton, grey, Zipper: light grey, with silver slider, Dimensions: 130 x170 mm
      • Aslan mirror adh. film CA23, both sides reflective
        4 Variants
        Aslan mirror adh. film CA23, both sides reflective
        from 13,90 €
        metallised polyester film, the side with the glue is also gold or, alternatively, silver and reflective, th = 0.05 mm, solvent-free acrylate glue (adhesive strength ≥ 4N), silicone paper release liner, inner...
      • Rubber sealing sheet, black
        Rubber sealing sheet, black
        from 14,90 €
        EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer ((M-class)), both sides fabric-textured, weather-resistant, approx. 60 Sh-A, certified per DIN EN 13501-1; Euroclass E, conforms to DIN 4102-1: construction material grade B2...
      • Zip fastener, plastic, spiral, not separable
        80 Variants
        Zip fastener, plastic, spiral, not separable
        from 2,65 €
        polyester spiral, width is 2 mm, with automatic die-cast zinc slider, nickel-free, polyamide tape, machine washable to 60 °C, certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100
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