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      • Cotton sack with drawstring
        unglazed flat bag made from unbleached, undyed cotton cloth (raw) of medium quality, 150 g/m², plain weave, bottom not flat, with encased cotton drawstring, given dimensions: approximate w x h
        3 Variants
        Cotton sack with drawstring
        from 1,50 €
      • Burlap sack, natural brown
        flat bag without bottom made from gunny (basic quality), with pull string
        6 Variants
        Burlap sack, natural brown
        from 0,90 €
      • Small linen sack
        Flat bag made of lightweight linen fabric, no bottom, comes with enclosed satin drawstring (tunnel), dimensions: app. w x h
        Small linen sack
        from 4,80 €
      • Small cotton sack, plain
        Flat bag made of fine cotton fabric, no bottom, comes with enclosed drawstring (tunnel), dimensions: app. w x h
        Small cotton sack, plain
        from 2,80 €
      • Small organza bags, coloured
        flat bag made from fine stiffened synthetic fibre weave without bottom and with satin drawstring
        16 Variants
        Small organza bags, coloured
        from 3,90 €
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