Dimensionally stable and stackable

Acid and oil resistant

Also suitable for food

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Article No.3016311-ST
Propertiestemperature resistant from -25 °C to + 70 °C, dishwasher safe, food safe
Equipment2 handle openings each on the short side
Dimensionsindicated dimensions: outer dimensions (height x width x length)

Injection molded crates are offered many times, we have chosen a solid quality with a sturdy frame construction and a decent wall thickness, which makes not only the bottom, but the entire crate exceedingly dimensionally stable. So you can load into them neatly and pretty much anything, because the boxes are also resistant to most acids and oils. Food can also be stored and transported well in the stacking crates. They are also stackable, even crosswise as well as lengthwise; that is, the smaller formats can also be stacked crosswise and two abreast on top of the larger ones.

The stacking height is indicated lower than the outer dimension because the lowered bottom disappears when stacked in the box below.

The internal dimensions, weights and volumes of the crates are 300 x 400 mm for the sizes (w x l):

  • Stacking height 110 mm: 115 x 266 x 366 mm, 690 g, 11 liters.
  • stacking height 227 mm: 232 x 266 x 366 mm, 950 g, 23 liters

For these stacking boxes we also offer a lid (matching color or also in other colors) with hinge and closure. Of course, the boxes are also stackable with lids.

stackable box, blue

without lid, 235 x 300 x 400 mm (stacking h. 227 mm)
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13,90 €
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