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      • Flower tissue paper roll, coloured, moisture-proof
        10 Variants
        Flower tissue paper roll, coloured, moisture-proof
        from 1,70 €
        solid colour, wrapped on cardboard tube, does not bleed per EN 646, comes packed in film
      • Mulberry paper Silk, sheet
        16 Variants
        Mulberry paper Silk, sheet
        from 1,40 €
        Material: 100 % Mulberry Tree Fibres, Ausfu00fchrung: Sheets 1 x folded
      • Paper Poetry Neon wrapping tissue
        3 Variants
        Paper Poetry Neon wrapping tissue
        from 1,90 €
        Grammage: 20 g/m², Size: 500 x 700 mm, Set: 5 sheets per set
      • Mulberry paper Silk, roll
        25 Variants
        Mulberry paper Silk, roll
        from 12,40 €
        100% mulberry tree fibres, sheet are folded in half
      • Natural paper, Indian Style
        3 Variants
        Natural paper, Indian Style
        from 4,30 €
        hand-made paper made from cotton, one side multicolour printed, some also have glitter (G)
      • Flower tissue paper, sheet, coloured
        Flower tissue paper, sheet, coloured
        from 17,90 €
        solid colour, folded once (sheets on a roll are not folded), transfers colour when wet
      • Mulberry paper Basics, with inlays
        Mulberry paper Basics, with inlays
        from 1,45 €
        100% mulberry tree fibres, inlays are made up of leaves from various plants, sheets are folded in half
      • Mulberry paper, striped
        3 Variants
        Mulberry paper, striped
        from 2,20 €
        black mulberry tissue paper printed on one side with metallic colour
      • Sisal fibre mat, see-through
        3 Variants
        Sisal fibre mat, see-through
        from 3,35 €
        hand-made from plant fibre, th = ca. 2 mm
      • Mulberry paper Kozo, monochrome
        Mulberry paper Kozo, monochrome
        from 4,40 €
        mulberry tree fibres, course texture, 1 x folded
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