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      • Project sketchbook
        28 Variants
        Project sketchbook
        from 4,50 €
        Book spine: linen, coloured, straight, Book cover: non-laminated bookbinding grey cardboard, 2 mm thick, flush, sewing: thread stitching
      • Sketchbook, grey board with spiral binding
        7 Variants
        Sketchbook, grey board with spiral binding
        from 5,60 €
        cream white drawing paper, rough, wood and acid free, chlorine-free bleached, round punch holes, black metal spiral binding ø 25.4 mm, overlaying book cover from stiff, 2 mm thick grey board
      • Sketchbook, flexi spiral, black
        5 Variants
        Sketchbook, flexi spiral, black
        from 7,40 €
        material: high volume drawing paper, Book cover: glossy, embossed black paper, bond: metal spiral binding ø 22 mm, Quantity: each 80 sheets / 160 pages
      • Sketchbook, Efalin cover
        21 Variants
        Sketchbook, Efalin cover
        from 7,90 €
        cream white drawing paper, rough, wood and acid free, chlorine-free bleached, thread stitch binding, coloured cardboard cover, scratch-resistant, wipeable, clad with Efalin paper with natural look, round spine
      • O-Check Design sketchbook
        3 Variants
        O-Check Design sketchbook
        from 9,40 €
        greyish white recycling paper, wood-free, acid-free, rough, 80 g/m², glue binding, book cover is grey paperboard (inner side is brown), taped with book gauze
      • Janus sketchbook for markers
        3 Variants
        Janus sketchbook for markers
        from 9,90 €
        white drawing paper, rough, wood-free, acid-free, chlorine-free bleached, thread binding, very basic cover made of 2 mm thick, untreated bookbinder greyboard, has grey linen spine
      • Molotow One4all Professional Artbook
        3 Variants
        Molotow One4all Professional Artbook
        from 19,90 €
        bright white layout paper, lightfast and age-resistant, smooth, dimensional stability, markers will not bleed through the paper
      • Cachet sketchbook classic, black
        7 Variants
        Cachet sketchbook classic, black
        from 6,00 €
        top drawing paper, acid-free, thread stitch binding, black cardboard cover, clad with semi-glossy paper with leather texture
      • All media sketchbook
        All media sketchbook
        from 10,25 €
        natural white paper, smooth, acid-free, aging-resistant (ISO 9706), chlorine-free bleached, thread binding, cover is sturdy cardboard, laminated with paper that is embossed with a course cloth pattern.
      • Sketchbook Draft, cloudy
        2 Variants
        Sketchbook Draft, cloudy
        from 11,00 €
        white drawing paper, smooth, perforated, bookbinding screws, matte cardboard cover laminated with black/light grey cloud effect paper, spine covered with black fabric tape, removable inner block with glue binding
      • Bindewerk sketchbook with elastic band
        5 Variants
        Bindewerk sketchbook with elastic band
        from 8,50 €
        white matte paper, wood free, with perforations, thread stitch binding, black imitation leather covered cardboard cover, black linen spine, coloured elastic band fastener, groove for the band cut into the paper
      • Moleskine sketchbook
        5 Variants
        Moleskine sketchbook
        from 13,90 €
        chamois coloured drawing board, matte, thread stitch binding, bookmark ribbon, rigid cardboard cover covered in coloured Moleskine paper, flat black rubber cord fastener in the colour of the cover, with cardboard...
      • Daler-Rowney Ebony spiral sketchbook, black pages
        Daler-Rowney Ebony spiral sketchbook, black pages
        from 16,30 €
        Drawing board: black, 180 g/m², Attributes: matte, acid-free, Content: 40 sheets, Cover: uncoated black paperboard with linen texture, th = 1.5 mm, protrudes over contents
      • Moleskine concertina book
        2 Variants
        Moleskine concertina book
        from 12,90 €
        cream white drawing board, matte, rigid cardboard cover covered in black Moleskine paper, flat black rubber cord fastener, with cardboard pocket
      • Chinese Panorama sketchbook
        2 Variants
        Chinese Panorama sketchbook
        from 11,90 €
        cream white paper, rough, doubled over and glued at the (zig-zag) folds, cardboard cover pasted over with patterned Chinese brokade, with verticle labelling field, 2 x 20 sheets (joined at the folds)
      Information about Sketch Books

      The books that we have on offer display fine craftsmanship and are not at all comparable to the cheap versions that are so often found on the market. When buying a sketchbook, be sure to check for the number of pages, keeping in mind that often the number of sides is given instead (number of sides = the number of pages multiplied by 2).

      For all of our sketchbooks and booklets the size dimensions will be given as width x height.

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