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  • Carta Varese, colour printed
    77 Variants
    Carta Varese, colour printed
    from 0,80 €
    chamois coloured paper, one side with extremely lightfast colours imprinted, short grain
  • F-Color bookbinding paper with linen texture
    24 Variants
    F-Color bookbinding paper with linen texture
    from 1,80 €
    solid colour, semi-gloss, aging resistant, can be recycled, wood free, acid-free, pH neutral per ISO 9706 (international standards), EN 71/3 certified (toy safety), fine linen texture
  • Touché bookbinding board
    4 Variants
    Touché bookbinding board
    from 1,05 €
    solid colour, both sides painted wth matte finish, produced with multi-layered cellulose cardboard and chemical cellulose which contains 40% recycled fibre material, FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council)
  • Satogami bookbinding (cardstock) paper
    9 Variants
    Satogami bookbinding (cardstock) paper
    from 4,10 €
    solid colour, matte, has 10% bamboo fibres
  • Velour paper, clouded, coloured
    22 Variants
    Velour paper, clouded, coloured
    from 2,90 €
    brown or dyed carrier paper covered with coloured viscose flocking with the look of suede, latex impregnated, pH = 6.5 - 7
  • Elephant hide, coloured
    10 Variants
    Elephant hide, coloured
    from 0,40 €
    mottled, solid colour, smooth, very tough, scratch and abrasion resistant, cleanable
  • Khepera bookbinding paper, coloured, veined
    18 Variants
    Khepera bookbinding paper, coloured, veined
    from 0,35 €
    solid colour, matte, very tough, scratch- and abrasion-proof
  • Japanese paper Katazome
    19 Variants
    Japanese paper Katazome
    from 3,00 €
    handmade Kozu paper, one side with coloured patterns hand printed using a template method, reverse side is white, rough/rough, 60 g/m², lightfast, 4 original deckle edges
  • Japanese paper Chiogami
    27 Variants
    Japanese paper Chiogami
    from 2,50 €
    white Kozu paper (made from mulberry fibres), one side silk screened by hand, reverse side is raw, white border
  • Majestic fancy paper, iridescent
    17 Variants
    Majestic fancy paper, iridescent
    from 0,40 €
    solid colour, wood free, from chlorine-free bleached pulp (TCF), smooth, both sides with iridescent surface effect, laser guarantee (s/w), suitable for ink-jet printer (s/w)
  • Wibalin book cover paper, coloured, matte
    5 Variants
    Wibalin book cover paper, coloured, matte
    from 2,30 €
    solid colour, matte finish, wood-free, very stiff (made of long fibred cellulose), FSC certified, recycleable
  • French marbled paper
    11 Variants
    French marbled paper
    from 7,20 €
    end leaf paper of various colours, one side marbled, dipped (not imprinted or plate-glazed)
  • Tsumugi bookbinding (cardstock) paper
    8 Variants
    Tsumugi bookbinding (cardstock) paper
    from 7,10 €
    solid colour, matte, robust, finished with elegant embossed striped pattern similar to Japanese silk on the front side, reverse side is smooth
  • Wood veneer paper
    2 Variants
    Wood veneer paper
    from 5,80 €
    printed, hand laminated paper
  • Carta Varese gold, colour printed
    8 Variants
    Carta Varese gold, colour printed
    from 0,80 €
    chamois coloured paper, one side with extremely lightfast colours, imprinted (colours and gold)
  • Cloud-marble cover paper
    Cloud-marble cover paper
    from 110,00 €
    solid colour, black, one side with white fibres (couched), matte
  • Santina Flexcover cover material
    3 Variants
    Santina Flexcover cover material
    from 10,50 €
    soft-PVC laminated on pearl white paperboard, ca. 170 g/m², matte, th = 0.5 mm
  • Japanese paper Kikka-Saiko
    2 Variants
    Japanese paper Kikka-Saiko
    from 1,00 €
    solid colour paper with shimmering texture, reverse side is matte
  • Gmund Valentinoise paper, coloured
    Gmund Valentinoise paper, coloured
    from 3,55 €
    solid colour, 100% virgin fibre, chlorine- and acid-free, pH neutral, aging-resistant, both sides with linen texture, treated with wax (moderately translucent)
  • Chromolux paper, white
    2 Variants
    Chromolux paper, white
    from 0,15 €
    wood-free, high gloss cast-coated (bright white 700), reverse side is bright white matte with light coating, 1.3-fold volume
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