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      • Handicrafts folder, aluminium foil
        Handicrafts folder, aluminium foil
        from 5,60 €
        aluminium foil covered paper, each side with different metallic colour, glossy, 10 different colours
      • Handicrafts folder, glow-in-the-dark paper
        Handicrafts folder, glow-in-the-dark paper
        from 6,20 €
        one side colour printed, reverse side has solvent-free acrylate adhesive, easily removable, noctilucent yellow
      • Handicrafts folder, coloured window film, transp.
        Handicrafts folder, coloured window film, transp.
        from 10,80 €
        calendered soft-PVC, glossy, mounted on carrier board (215 g/m²), adhers to smooth surfaces, lightfast, removable by washing, can be reused, 7 sorted colours
      • Handicrafts booklet of paper for scissors, gummed
        Handicrafts booklet of paper for scissors, gummed
        from 1,90 €
        one side printed deep black, extremely matte (no reflection at all), water-soluble gummed backing, stapled on the short side
      • Hobby kit ''combi-pack 2''
        Hobby kit ''combi-pack 2''
        from 10,10 €
        10 sheets of duo-coloured board 260 g/m² in 10 sorted colours, 10 sheets of checked cardboard 300 g/m² in 5 sorted colours, 10 sheets of striped cardboard 300 g/m² in 10 sorted colours, 10 sheets of dotted...
      • Jumbo paper crafts kit
        Jumbo paper crafts kit
        from 8,60 €
        printed case made from sturdy cardboard and with plastic handle, examples of paper crafts on the reverse side, includes cut-out patterns, various paper types, cardboards and crafts materials (see information)
      • Handicrafts pad ''zoo''
        Handicrafts pad ''zoo''
        from 8,35 €
        coloured drawing paper 130 g/m², coloured board 260 g/m² and photo mounting board 300 g/m² in different colours and animal skin motifs (see information), cover is printed board, backing is cardboard,...
      • Handicrafts folder, banana paper
        Handicrafts folder, banana paper
        from 6,70 €
        natural paper with banana leaf fibre, solid colour, matte, 10 sorted colours
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