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      • 3M Post-it Meeting Charts
        3M Post-it Meeting Charts
        from 28,90 €
        easel pad with micro-perforation and Post-it adhesive strips, white paper without lines, sticks to almost all wall surfaces, removable without residue, markers do not bleed through paper, portable by virtue of the...
      • Light bag basic, white
        2 Variants
        Light bag basic, white
        from 3,90 €
        translucent white, cellulose-based, reusable, short-term moisture resistance, can be used outdoors and indoors, flame-retardant (no certification!), comes without tea light (candle)
      • Handicrafts booklet of transparent paper(glassine)
        Handicrafts booklet of transparent paper(glassine)
        from 2,50 €
        glassine paper (kite paper), translucent, solid coloured, wood-free, made from 100% cellulose, glossy (heavily satined), 10 sorted colours, stapled on the short side
      • Chiyogami folded card
        12 Variants
        Chiyogami folded card
        from 4,80 €
        folding card, 118x 118 mm (given dimensions refer to the card when folded), made of yellowish white ca. 200 g Rivoli rag paper , semi-gloss, front side covered with coloured Japanese Chiyogami screen printing paper 85...
      • Handicrafts folder, glow-in-the-dark paper
        Handicrafts folder, glow-in-the-dark paper
        from 6,50 €
        one side colour printed, reverse side has solvent-free acrylate adhesive, easily removable, noctilucent yellow
      • Molotow One4all Professional Sketchbook
        3 Variants
        Molotow One4all Professional Sketchbook
        from 20,40 €
        bright white layout paper, lightfast and age-resistant, smooth, dimensional stability, markers will not bleed through the paper
      • Up to-60%
        Gift wrap paper small roll, two-toned
        Gift wrap paper small roll, two-toned
        from 1,00 €
      • Standard mailer, press seal
        4 Variants
        Standard mailer, press seal
        from 1,25 €
        made from white offset paper printed with colour on the inside or from brown natron paper (for grammatures, see info text), straight flap on the short side (press seal)
      • Standard envelope, press sealed
        6 Variants
        Standard envelope, press sealed
        from 1,40 €
        produced with offset paper ca. 70 g/m², printed interior, straight flap on the long side (press seal)
      • Moleskine watercolour sketchbook
        4 Variants
        Moleskine watercolour sketchbook
        from 15,90 €
        perforated white rag board with medium grain for watercolours, approx. 200 g/m², thread stitch binding, rigid cardboard cover covered in black Moleskine paper, flat black rubber cord fastener, with cardboard pocket
      • Clipboard, cardboard, laminated, black
        Clipboard, cardboard, laminated, black
        from 4,40 €
        fibre board, completely covered with textured paper, nickel-plated clamp on the width side
      • Landscape crepe paper, brown
        Landscape crepe paper, brown
        from 7,20 €
        highly creped, approx. 250 g/m², 3-ply, folded and rolled, comes wrapped in plastic foil
      • Handicraft crepe paper rolls, coloured
        17 Variants
        Handicraft crepe paper rolls, coloured
        from 0,90 €
        solid colour, finely ribbed, colour transfers when wet (not moisture-proof)
      • V-folder, coloured
        4 Variants
        V-folder, coloured
        from 5,20 €
        Imitation particle board (290 g/m²), two special “Japanese” clips, nickel-plated, silver colour
      • Clairefontaine student notebook
        4 Variants
        Clairefontaine student notebook
        from 3,90 €
        white paper, satined, wood free, 90 g/m², no margin, rounded corners, micro perforations, ring binder punch holes, easy to tear out, silver metal double-spiral binding, flexible printed cardboard front and back...
      • Semikolon spiral notebook Mucho
        6 Variants
        Semikolon spiral notebook Mucho
        from 19,90 €
        cream white smooth paper in ruled, chequered and blank format (55 sheets each of), 120 g/m², silver spiral binding ø 35 mm, sturdy cardboard cover that is covered with colour printed, matte, film-coated...
      • Niflamo crêpe paper rolls, flame retardant
        5 Variants
        Niflamo crêpe paper rolls, flame retardant
        from 0,90 €
      • Graphite paper DIN A4
        Graphite paper DIN A4
        from 4,90 €
        anthracite colours
      • O-Check Design notebook
        O-Check Design notebook
        from 5,20 €
        paper: grey (in the monochrome blue booklet), pink (in the booklet with grey cover with flowers) and ecru (very light brown, unbleached look) for all the rest; matte, 100 g/m², glue binding, cover made of paperboard...
      • Bindewerk sketchbook with elastic band
        5 Variants
        Bindewerk sketchbook with elastic band
        from 8,50 €
        white matte paper, wood free, with perforations, thread stitch binding, black imitation leather covered cardboard cover, black linen spine, coloured elastic band fastener, groove for the band cut into the paper
      • Neschen dbl-sided adhes. non-woven paper, Gudy 831
        4 Variants
        Neschen dbl-sided adhes. non-woven paper, Gudy 831
        from 69,00 €
        cloudy white, longitudinal-fibred non-woven paper, acid-free, th = 0.044 mm, solvent-free acrylate adhesive (strong bonding), one side with paper lining (both sides siliconized)
      • Mulberry paper Basics, with inlays
        Mulberry paper Basics, with inlays
        from 1,50 €
        100% mulberry tree fibres, inlays are made up of leaves from various plants, sheets are folded in half
      • Matchboxes, untreated, white
        Matchboxes, untreated, white
        from 9,40 €
        laminated board, white/grey or white brown, given dimensions = outer dimensions (h x w x l)
      • Römerturm Colambo stationery
        3 Variants
        Römerturm Colambo stationery
        from 29,50 €
        wood free, 1.1-fold volume, aging-resistant, 100% chlorine-free bleached pulp (TCF), with fully fashioned watermark (Römerturm-R), laser and ink-jet (s/w) guarantee
      • Hahnemühle watercolour pad Allegretto, 150 g/mř
        2 Variants
        Hahnemühle watercolour pad Allegretto, 150 g/mř
        from 4,50 €
        white artist paper, fine-rough, acid-free, lightfast, extremely age resistant, good for student use, adhesive binding all 4 sides, cover is printed paperboard, back cover is cardboard
      • Natural paper, Indian Style
        3 Variants
        Natural paper, Indian Style
        from 4,50 €
        hand-made paper made from cotton, one side multicolour printed, some also have glitter (G)
      • Hahnemühle Junior artist pad, 100 g/mř
        2 Variants
        Hahnemühle Junior artist pad, 100 g/mř
        from 2,20 €
        bright white drawing paper, matte, acid-free, aging-resistant, paste-glued on the two width sides, cover is colourfully printed paperboard, rear cover is cardboard
      • Filing strips, cardboard
        Filing strips, cardboard
        from 1,40 €
        250 g/m² cardboard; size: 35 x 150 mm, double holed 60/80 mm, quick filing mechanism (two prongs and a cover rail made of metal), Blue Angel (eco-friendly) certified, capacity: approx. 15 mm
      • Modulor honeycomb paper decoration, Queen
        12 Variants
        Modulor honeycomb paper decoration, Queen
        from 3,20 €
        three-dimensional decoration made from honeycomb paper (hand dyed or white: unaldulterated, not water resistant, i.e. colours can run), paper insert for reinforcement and fixing clamps, flammable, glue or staple...
      • New
        Wall timer
        2 Variants
        Wall timer
        from 3,95 €
        year calendar, each page printed on one side, German only, 14 months (December to January), with holiday periods, rolled up
      • New
        DISPA Paper Display Board
        DISPA Paper Display Board
        from 5,90 €
        Material: 100% paper from FSC-certified forestry, acid-free, Panel core: Composite structure of embossed paper layers, Covering: cardboard, painted matt on both sides
      • Semikolon Sticky Notes in booklet
        Semikolon Sticky Notes in booklet
        from 9,95 €
        self-adhesive (adhering), can be removed without leaving residue, 4 different coloured stacks 50 x 35 mm (red, orange, lime, sky blue and 2 larger stacks 50 x 73 (sun yellow, turquoise), one side is coloured,...
      • Laminated paper edge-protector L-angle strips
        Laminated paper edge-protector L-angle strips
        from 2,20 €
        solid fibre board angle completely covered with kraft paper, brown, given dimensions: height x width x wall thickness
      • Plotter paper, white, ink-jet-color, coated, 170 g
        Plotter paper, white, ink-jet-color, coated, 170 g
        from 36,90 €
        170 g/m², opaque, white, matte, extremely hard-wearing, one side coated (reverse side slightly yellow), for ink-jet plotter (full colour plots with max. 1440 dpi)
      • Memo pad in plastic box
        2 Variants
        Memo pad in plastic box
        from 3,30 €
        transparent colourless plastic box, one side has recessed access area, includes pad of paper approx. 70 g/m² (not sized)
      • Clairefontaine Academy student notebook
        32 Variants
        Clairefontaine Academy student notebook
        from 0,40 €
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