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        Cotton embroidery fabric, 2 ply
        Cotton embroidery fabric, 2 ply
        from 8,90 €
      • Ripstop spinnaker nylon, Schikarex
        12 Variants
        Ripstop spinnaker nylon, Schikarex
        from 9,90 €
        material: 100% polyamide, Strength: 0.05 mm, Grid size: distance between reinforcement threads 4 mm, Useable width: ca 1500 mm
      • Blackout cloth, opaque, monochrome, 340 g/m²
        Blackout cloth, opaque, monochrome, 340 g/m²
        from 9,50 €
      • Mexican wax  oilcloth, coloured
        Mexican wax oilcloth, coloured
        from 8,70 €
        soft-PVC, front side is glossy, back is laminated with gauze, no protective film
      • Reflecting fabric, silver
        Reflecting fabric, silver
        from 71,90 €
        silver-grey fabric carrier out of 90% polyamide and 10% polyurethane, one side vapour-plated with a composite of artificial resin and microscopically fine glass beads (reflecting)
      • Soft-PVC lattice-film, colourless
        Soft-PVC lattice-film, colourless
        from 16,90 €
        PVC coated polyester mesh fabric, 1 ply (mw = 10 mm), semi-gloss, translucent
      • Outdoor fabric, water repellent, SPF 7, mono, 220
        7 Variants
        Outdoor fabric, water repellent, SPF 7, mono, 220
        from 18,90 €
      • Lorry tarpaulin fabric, coloured
        3 Variants
        Lorry tarpaulin fabric, coloured
        from 22,90 €
        PVC coated polyester fabric, glossy/glossy, grammage 630 g/m², (the olive green version is 750 g/m²), tear strength app. 2,500 N/5 cm or, for the olive green 3,000 N/5 cm), temperature resistance (long-term) is...
      • Lacktex oilcloth, monochrome
        2 Variants
        Lacktex oilcloth, monochrome
        from 15,60 €
        polyester fabric with polyurethant coating (80% PES / 20% PU), ca. 180 g/m²; coating: monochrome, glossy; fabric: beige, matte, waterproof, washable (hand wash 30 °C), no protective film
      • Screen printing gauze, PET 1500 43/110-80W PW
        Screen printing gauze, PET 1500 43/110-80W PW
        from 19,90 €
        monofilament polyester, 43/110-80 W PW = 43 strands per centimeter or 110 strands per inch, strand thickness is 80 nm, fabric colour is white (W), mesh width is 149 nm, fabric thickness 134 nm, screen´s...
      • Synthetic fibre embroidery fabric
        Synthetic fibre embroidery fabric
        from 17,90 €
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