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  • Tyvek PE spun fleece, white, soft
    2 Variants
    Tyvek PE spun fleece, white, soft
    from 6,20 €
    material: spun HDPE filaments, bonded through pressure and heat, micro-perforated, Type: 1622 E
  • Texon cellulose fleece, black
    2 Variants
    Texon cellulose fleece, black
    from 6,80 €
    cellulose fibre fleece, elastomerically bonded, solid colours, matte (lightly marbled), rough (fine linen texture), pH neutral
  • Decoration snow fleece B1
    Decoration snow fleece B1
    from 4,70 €
    fluffy fleece out of 100% Trevira CS, white, flame resistant in compliance with DIN 4102 B1
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