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  • Decoration tulle, coloured
    11 Variants
    Decoration tulle, coloured
    from 1,50 €
    fabric surface "broken through", out of 100% polyamide, folded in half
  • Decoration molleton, coloured
    6 Variants
    Decoration molleton, coloured
    from 3,00 €
    100% cotton, folded in half
  • Cotton nettle cloth, standard, 145 g/mř
    Cotton nettle cloth, standard, 145 g/mř
    from 7,50 €
    100% cotton, undyed, unbleached, plain weave, machine washable up to 60 °C, effective width about 1700 mm, doubled over
  • Glitter fabric, coloured
    12 Variants
    Glitter fabric, coloured
    from 26,00 €
    cotton carrier fabric in various colours, one side coated with extremely fine polyester glitter (adhesive is water based)
  • Deco-grass, coloured
    5 Variants
    Deco-grass, coloured
    from 29,10 €
    fibres from 100% polyethylene, approx. 3 cm long, on a stabile woven carrier out of rayon calico
  • Stage cotton nettle fabric, 300 g/mř
    Stage cotton nettle fabric, 300 g/mř
    from 17,50 €
    100% cotton, twill weave, effective width about 2200 mm, doubled over
  • Polystyrene mirror, fabric backing, 2.5 mm squares
    2 Variants
    Polystyrene mirror, fabric backing, 2.5 mm squares
    from 13,80 €
    configurated in 5 x 5 mm squares, flexible, impact-resistant, front side with protective film
  • Deco-lawn, green
    Deco-lawn, green
    from 17,50 €
    fibres are 100% polyethylene, approx. 1 cm long, on a fleece carrier that is a viscose/polyester blend
  • Artificial turf, long-pile
    Artificial turf, long-pile
    from 95,00 €
    green colour, straight grass fibers made of PE monofilament, wavy grass fibres made of PE monofilament, the carrier mat is latex coated on the back, UV stabilized
  • Decoration plush ''Flokati'',long-haired, coloured
    4 Variants
    Decoration plush ''Flokati'',long-haired, coloured
    from 3,00 €
    fibres are 50% modacryl and 50% acrylic, cord carrier is 20% polyester and 80% acrylic
  • Artificial turf, needlefelt
    Artificial turf, needlefelt
    from 18,00 €
    felt covering made of polypropylene, nobs on the back side made of water resistant polypropylene, weight is 1050 g/m²
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