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water-based paint, for light-coloured fabrics, after being fixed (ironing or baking) it is lightfast and washable (up to 60 °C), round plastic point, plastic barrel, cap is the colour of the paint

The Marabu Textil Painter is a pen with water-based ink for fabrics that can be used on almost all natural fabrics as long as they are non-finished and softener-free. After fixing, Marabu Textil Painter is non-fading (lightfast), wash-resistant up to 60°C and has a soft feel. The pen is available in two line widths and when used as an outline pen it can be used in combination with MARABU TEXTIL and MARABU TEXTIL PLUS fabric paint (please follow the fixing instructions carefully). The dark shades of paint can even be used to paint over TEXTIL and TEXTIL PLUS applications. The pen should be stored in a horizontal position.

Treatment: New fabrics must be washed at least once (without softener!) before being painted with the Textil Painter. The pen has a capillary system that alleviates the need for any shaking or tapping. After application, the paint should be allowed to dry for about 30 minutes and can then be fixed by means of ironing (temperature setting for cotton, no steam, minimum 3 minutes for every 30 x 30 cm area). An easier method for fixing is baking in an oven for about 8 minutes at 150 °C (except for synthetic and blended fabrics!).

Please note that in order to be sure that motifs designed with this Painter pen last a long time, the painted fabric should always be washed (using only delicate wash detergent) and ironed inside out.

Marabu Textil Painter fabric pen

thick point (2-4 mm), medium brown
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