Lid for stacking boxes

With hinge and snap lock

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Article No.3016313-ST
Propertiestemperature resistant from -25 °C to + 70 °C, dishwasher safe, food safe
specified dimensionsOuter dimensions (height x width x length)

For the fog white stacking boxes we offer these fog white lids with hinge and lock: Each of the stacking boxes has four identical openings on the long sides of the top edge. The lid is hooked into the openings of one side, and the opposite ones are engaged by the snap locks of the lid.

If you like to combine misty white boxes with yellow, blue or gray lids, you can of course do that. You can also find the mentioned lids in our webshop. In gray we also offer a lid variant only to put on (without hinge and closure). Of course, the stacking boxes are always stackable with lids.

Lid for stackable boxes, white, with hinges

hinged lid with fastener for 300 x 400 mm
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