100% acid-free and age resistant

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Article No.3009605-001
Surfacesolid colour, glued multi-layers
Attributes100% acid-free, buffered with calcium carbonate (highest aging resistance, Ph = 7.5 - 8
Cut45 degree bevel cut
Materialmade with alpha cellulose (wood pulp), neutral sizing

The Kurator conservation boards conform to all the requirements for archival quality framing jobs and storage purposes. It is therefore suitable for all possible passepartout and rear panel applications. Modern production techniques have made it possible to remove the lignin - the acid component of wood -  from wood pulp with the help of oxygen and thereby to obtain the high-grade alpha cellulose. Any long-term build-up of acidity is prevented by the introduction of a supplemental buffering agent consisting of calcium carbonate. The pure pH neutral alpha cellulose is the base material of the archival quality Kurator board line. It is bonded in individual layers, a process assuring an even and homogenous stability while also enabling it to be offered in two different thicknesses: 1.5 mm (3-ply) and 2.5 mm (5-ply). Kurator conservation boards are age-resistant in accordance with the DIN ISO 9706 European norm. They are available in three different colour hues.

Kurator ready-made passepartout

1,5 x 80 x 240 (43 x 206), white
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